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The Palace of Madrid is built on the hills on the left bank of the Manzales River. It is the third largest palace in Europe after the Palace of Versailles and the Royal Palace of Vienna. It is also one of the most preserved and beautiful palaces in the world. It is the Bourbon dynasty. The royal palace of French and Italian style was ordered by the first generation of King Philip I. Because the kings of the dynasties decorated the palace according to their own preferences, the palace was brought with a strong personal imprint and the imprint of the times, such as the palace of Carlos III, the mirror hall built by Carlos IV, and the love of Alfonso XII. Luxury restaurant. The painting gallery houses works by various painting genres, including Juan de Flanders's "Multiple Screens of the Catholic Queen Isabella", Caravaggio's "Salome and John the Baptist" The Skull, as well as the works of Velas Gates and Goya. It is a pity that such a beautiful and luxurious palace is forbidden to take pictures.
Posted: 4 Jan, 2019
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The lonely planet of Spain has devoted a chapter to the Spanish thief. In Europe, only Spain can compete with the number of Italian thieves. I am also amazed at the creativity of the Spanish thief. Madrid is unbelievable, the Spanish thief is even more incredible. As a kind of art, there are only Spanish thieves. They usually have the following tricks: 1, when you are in the hotel, deliberately take a piece of paper, cover it on your mobile phone or wallet, then whisper to you for a while, then grow away. When you take the paper off, you find that your phone or wallet is missing. 2, In a famous attraction, one person pretends to take a map to ask for directions to attract your attention, and another person is not ready to steal your belongings. 3, when you walk on the street, suddenly drop a basin of water or bird cockroaches, just when you are ready to open the carry-on bag to find a paper towel, a few "good people" suddenly come around to wipe your head Body, took the opportunity to steal your things. We have encountered this trick in Seville.
Come to Madrid and you must not miss this old restaurant, EL Restaurante Botin. It is the oldest restaurant in the world, opened as early as 1725, is the Guinness record holder of the world's oldest restaurant, in the novels about Madrid such as Hai Mingwei's "The Sun Also Rises", Frederick It can be found in Ke Fusisi's Cobra. The restaurant, which specializes in traditional Spanish cuisine, still uses the wood oven that was opened in the year. Since we didn't have business hours, we just wandered around the door and added various photos. During this time, there have been two tour groups! ! The tour guide introduced the history and famousness of the restaurant to the group. It turned out to be one of the attractions with the group tour! ! ! ! The interior of the restaurant is still decorated with traditional classical pub decoration, the restaurant of the former basement cellar, and 1
Royal Palace
On the second day of Madrid, the new Spanish emperor ascended the throne, and the entire city was greeted with the glory of Prince Felipe. I stood in the third row of the crowd, but only shot five small points, you feel it. The last time the emperor was enthroned, it is said that it was 40 or 50 years ago. About this joy, how much can dilute the sadness of the Spanish World Cup.
The bullfighting (toreo) is a national quintessence of Spain. It is popular all over the country and has a world-famous reputation. It has been a century or even a thousand years. Although it is controversial from the point of view of animal protection, it is still a modern tradition unique to Spain and has been welcomed by many people. March-November is the Spanish bullfighting season, which usually has one or two games on weekends. Our days in Madrid have been the last days of the bullfighting season and the climax of the entire bullfighting season, so it is very lucky to be able to watch a wonderful bullfight in Madrid. A bullfight played by three bullfighters, fighting a total of six bulls, two rounds per person. The three matadors each have a team of assistants, including three darts and two riding spears. In fact, for bullfighting, cattle and bullfighters are equally important, because its training level and fierceness are related to the bullfighter's good and bad, and the famous bullfighter in history is inevitably killed in the battlefield, and finally the fate of being killed by cattle. . The entire bullfighting process consists of four parts: teasing, spear piercing, darts and formal killing. After watching the Spanish bullfighting, it is really a tide. On the one hand, he is very admired for the bravery of the bullfighter, on the other hand he feels bloody and cruel to the bullfighting being stabbed to death. However, as a long-standing culture in Spain, it is very lucky to be able to see such a wonderful bullfight performance.
Of course, you can't miss a typical flamenco show in Coral de la Moreria - this restaurant, which is identifiable with the Royal Palace of Madrid, is famous for not only the Michelin recommendation for many years, but also the oldest flamen in the Madrid region. One of the taverns! It is also included in one of the 1000 must-see places recommended by The New York Times! In the evening, at the entrance to the restaurant in the Old Town, the guests who booked the seats a few months ago are already Dressed up, holding a female companion, lined up at the door. The entrance to the door can be seen everywhere in the 18th and 19th centuries. Through the Arab buildings and street lamps on the restaurant door, it feels like going back to the past. We booked the Tasting Menu, starting with the appetizers of traditional creamy tomato vegetables in Cordoba, Andalusia, tasting scallops with beef slices and almond soup with coconut milk and grilled wild salmon with truffles. Paired with local white wines, the entrance is refreshing and clean. Enjoy a delicious dinner and fine wine while enjoying the purest flamenco show. Listening to Seville singing, feeling the joy and joy of Rumba, who can not be moved by the dance steps of the dancers or the screams of the singers?
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