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The big tree swing big tree swing is the landmark of Pai, next to the coffe in love, there is a swing here, enjoying the beautiful scenery in the distance, it is very pleasant. Singapore Wang Tianshu hangs a swing, attracting many tourists who come here to take photos. Since there are so many people here, it is often impossible to wait for a long time. It is generally recommended to stay here for one night. The photos will be very good at sunset and sunrise. I heard that you can enjoy the stars here at night.
Posted: 8 Jan, 2019
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Mae Hong Son,Recommendations
Woke up, somehow I think of worshipping the county, perhaps the seclusion of the distant mountains and forests has always been a slap in the face, but I am not conscious, in a timely time, the dream of the home will jump out to remind me. I didnt put Paxian in the original journey plan. Thanks to the pioneers recommendation with the companions, I didnt miss this small, but different place from the city where I live, maybe another The life I am looking forward to. Traveling is a wonderful thing. Generally speaking, there are tourists in places of interest. If there is no place in a place, tourists are attracted to it; sometimes, I can't help but feel amazed. The journey of casually strolling can be impossible, and the purposeless walking can only show that there is nothing to ask for at the time, and it is really difficult for modern people to have nothing to ask for. As a city man, naturally, there is no need to run around, even if you want to live in a quiet little place, it is easy to look forward to the future, feel that you have no ambition, do not plan a big cause, but prefer not to be shocked. The meaning of life lies in whether it is to stop or not. It is really boring to talk about this. People sit bored and naturally want to walk, tired and naturally want to stop, life is simple, and it is almost the same. The good place in Pai is that she has found a balance between the convenience of life and the distance from the hustle and bustle, while satisfying the needs of life while still being elegant.
Mae Hong Son,Recommendations
1. Big Tree Swing, this is also a hotel called Big Tree Swing and Motel. Most people come here for the swing that hangs on this big tree. At this time, the dry season has just passed, and the dead leaves are still not sprouting on the trees. The distant mountains are still bare, which is slightly inferior to the scenery in the rainy season. But it is good to come, and the card is still to be taken. Fortunately, the weather is very good, a blue sky and white clouds, and there is nothing to worry about under my heart. I have what I enjoy. 2. World War II Bridge, which was built by Japanese soldiers during World War II to commemorate World War II. The bridge was paved with wooden planks and went up and oh, it is no longer open to traffic, only for walking and taking pictures. 3.Inverted cabin, returning to the county town, seeing the map will pass through the inverted cabin, so pay attention to parking and taking pictures, but the map clearly shows that it has arrived, we still have not seen the cabin, so we get off and explore, when approaching Only to find out that the inverted cottage is not in front of you! But it is actually much smaller than expected. ~ Inverted cabin is also a hotel called the heart of pai, and this cottage is a sign-like existence. These three places belong to the punching place that does not need to stay for a long time, but it is also worth seeing. Riding a small motorcycle all the way to take a photo, it is a play mode dedicated to Pai County~
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