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Mae Rim,Recommendations
Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai
Mae Rim,Recommendations
Sai Nam Phung Orchid
Mae Rim,Recommendations
The Grand Morocc Hotel
The Chiang Mai ins wind pool hotel with a per capita price of 200 yuan, the photo is too amazing This is my hotel stayed 2 nights when I was traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At the beginning, it was also attracted by the stunning beauty of the picture. The exotic atmosphere of Moroccan, which is full of screens, can be imagined as a large production place! [Hotel] Mengro Dream Hotel Chiang Mai The Grand Morocc Hotel [Environment] This red hotel, in order to allow visitors to take pictures and do their functions. 1 First, there is a special room for storing photo props for free use by tourists, including: clothing, headscarves, shoes, jewelry, etc., hundreds of sets slowly pick. 2 Secondly, the decoration and layout around the swimming pool are particularly particular. The floating mattresses on the swimming pool are particularly beautiful. The corridors and walls on both sides are well-carved. It is also very popular with the public. As a photo, it is really satisfying. [Room] Basic room type is a one-bedroom suite, which is a one-bedroom and one-bedroom design. It is biased towards the feeling of a homestay. It is very spacious. The kitchen has an induction cooker and a refrigerator, so you can cook for yourself. The family room has two-bedroom suites, four-person suites and six-person suites to suit different needs. The biggest disadvantage of the room is that the pressure of the water heater is not enough, so the commentary said, "The bath is half washed and the hot water is gone." This situation exists.