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Chester ZooNearby City

Chester Zoo

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Open from 10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Chester Zoo, one of the best zoos in Europe, this is reflected in the environment for animals. This zoo with a history of more than 80 years is famous for its realistic environment. The zoo occupies a very large area. There is a small train inside. The introduction card of each animal says the degree of endangerment. I deeply feel the serious attitude of the corrupt country from the baby. Every animal or every group of animals lives in a mansion. A group of flamingos can occupy hundreds of square meters of open space with trees and water. A group of monkeys of different species each have their own house and hundreds of square meters of backyard. ! The only drawback is probably that the immersive environment is too good. If the animal hides, it has to look for it. . . Therefore, neither the otter nor the anteater have seen it. Fortunately, it was the season when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. The zoo also has a lot of pink cherry trees. They look different from the Japanese ones but are really beautiful. The zoo It's like a local park. A large number of parents take their children to stroll around, or spread out picnic cloths to chat and relax. The whole person feels warm in this warming time in the afternoon under the sun. Almost all people have been to the zoo when they were young. As we have grown up now, it may be a place with nothing new, but in my opinion, entering the zoo again is like taking a time machine so that we can Back to the distant age of the lollipop in the left hand and bubble gum in the right hand for the time being. Tips: After arriving at Chester Railway Station, you can buy tickets and tickets to the zoo directly at the train station. There is a direct bus outside the train station. If you have a train discount card, you can also have discounts on tickets. [Coordinates: Chester Zoo] The white-bearded monkey ran away the flamingo that was locked up by the staff while cleaning."