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Terry Fox MonumentNearby City

Terry Fox Monument

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"It is the first time for a person with a strong will and a disease to go to Canada to visit, but it is a bad choice for Thunder Bay. Since I came here, many places in the local area have the name Terry Fox. Even the school's running competition is called Terry Fox run. This makes me curious? What kind of person is such a legend in this land. Looking through the map accidentally, I found a place named Terry Fox Monument. A translator knew that this place was called Terry Fox Monument. Play strategy: The different left leg monument is in a wetland park with beautiful scenery. In the central square of the park, erect this tall marble stele. The people made of bronze statues on the stele are running like me. Although his face was painful, he was filled with a happy smile. Looking further down, the running man's left calf is much thinner than his right leg. Several screws at the joints connect the leg bones to the joints. There are two smaller marble monuments on both sides of the bronze statue of the strong-willed public welfare worker. When I approached and looked at the dense text on it, I found the translation artifact. Only after the translator knew the story of the owner of the bronze statue was written on it. A marathon enthusiast named Terry Fox. After suffering from bone cancer, he still insisted on running a marathon. He traveled all over Canada to raise more anti-cancer funds. The story of finally falling down under the devastation of illness is very touching. Fox used his strong will to enlighten people to be more brave under the threat of illness. Reminder: The park where the bronze statue is located is open for free. The opening hours of the park: 8 am-7 pm"