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Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple)
The scenery of the mountains and the multi-spirited show, Meizhou Lingguang Temple is one of them. The ancient temple in the deep mountains and Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple, Shaoguan Nanhua Temple, Chaozhou Kaiyuan Temple are collectively known as the four famous temples in Guangdong. Lingguang Temple For more than 1,000 years, the incense has continued to maintain a quiet temperament, and it is truly a "clean place of Buddhism." The most famous landscape of Lingguang Temple is the life and death tree in front of the temple. The two trees have been handed down for the hands of the founder of the mountain. They have a history of more than 1,100 years. The dead trees have not gone through more than 300 spring and autumn, and they are accompanied by the other side of the tree. It is amazing! Lingguang Temple was originally Shengshou Temple. It is said that during the Hongwu period, the eastern Guangdong Supervisor Yu Shimei Ding was taken by the Chaoan River to Meixian County. When passing through the Pengtan Town of Songkou Town, the wind and rain suddenly became a storm, and the raging river flooded into the cabin. When it was over, suddenly there was a loud noise and the wind stopped. However, when a monk with a dusty hand was on board the ship, after a few mouthfuls, it was calm and calm. Yushi later went to Shengshou Temple to enter the incense. The woodcarving Buddha statue in the temple was exactly the same as the life-saving monk. Then he set aside two thousand silver, expanded the temple, and renamed Shengshou Temple as Lingguang Temple. The hillside near the Lingguang Temple is an infinite tea garden. It is foggy all year round and is extremely suitable for the growth of tea. Looking at the layers of tea gardens, as if enjoying a freehand pastoral painting...
In recent years, Meizhou has developed rapidly. People are running to Wanda Plaza. I love it in the old street. There are many hundred-year-old brands hidden in the economic development. The tricycles that are gradually being eliminated by economic development are still in the streets and lanes. The most appreciated, to count the building here, people return to the Republic of China, people in the downstairs to cool down, tea chat, slow city Meizhou, here is the essence. Meizhou is named by the State Council as National Historical and Cultural City, and this old street is the most representative historical and cultural block. It consists of several streets, including Zhongshan Street, Zhongyuan West Road and Taikang Road. Most of Lingfeng Road, etc., are well preserved, and the mottled exterior wall has a historical sense of heavyness. Most of them were built together with Meijiang Bridge in the 1930s. It is said that the oldest house has been in existence for hundreds of years. The government wants to protect this piece. Cultural heritage has been rehabilitated in some areas. These arcades adopt the model of the former store and the back warehouse, and some unremarkable shops, but they carry memories of several generations. Old department stores, barber shops, old dentists, snack bars, etc. are still open. In the mid-1980s, this area was once the most lively place in Meizhou. Even though it is now bustling, it still has the atmosphere of the past.
Come to Beitang Village, don't be surprised by its beautiful rural environment, let's take a look at this hotel! Meilong Expressway Taipu Chayang exit, just turn left for only ten minutes, then come to the Beitang Art Museum in Xihe Town, which is famous in the art world. The art and beauty of this hotel is located in the beautiful art hotel. As a rare form of art and homestay in China, the word "elegant" is used to describe the beauty of the beauty, just right. The B&B is uniquely endowed with its theme art gallery, which has been transformed from a hundred-year-old Yutang small building, retaining the authenticity of the old building, blending the ancient charm of the ancient architecture, and complementing the famous paintings and works of art. A refreshing look brings a completely different feeling to the guests. The first floor art gallery hall is full of famous paintings. The lighting glass above the patio makes the hall more spacious and bright. It is not only a good place for private relaxation, but also can hold art exhibitions, academic research, entertainment programs, etc. Various activities, there have been many Chinese and foreign scholars, famous people come to the pavilion to collect the wind, creation, but also held many famous art exhibitions, as well as summer camps for children, parent-child activities. The stones, green plants, vases, wooden benches, etc. in the corners of the inside and outside of the hotel are naturally exquisite, but they are not overwhelming, but there is a fresh beauty that makes your mood light and happy. The old windmills underneath still stand quietly, like the bricks with moss, they let you look at the peace of mind, do not have to look around for the soul.
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