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About Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and is both coolly casual and on fire with its trendy lifestyle. With friendly locals and beautiful weather, it is very suitable for long-term residence. Here, you can experience the modern rhythm of a great metropolis, dine in hidden lanes, visit luxury restaurants and galleries full of historic art. You can also visit part of the famous Great Ocean Road in the suburbs to experience some of Australia's many different strokes. The areas surrounding Melbourne are equally splendid. Phillip Island is an adorable penguin island. Sovereign Hill recreates the life and times of Australia's 19th-Century gold rush, St. Kilda Beach gives you a seaside sense of relaxation and Mt. Dandenong is the central part of Victoria's wine-producing and wineries region.

Popular Attractions in Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
429 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141
Federation Square
526 Reviews
Federation Square is known as one of Melbourne's landmarks. The architect transformed static concept graphics into dynamic real world geometry. After the sun passes, after a shower or when night falls, its atmosphere, colors, texture and grain undergo amazing changes that have shocked those in the construction industry. Federation Square is located in the heart of Melbourne. Its main structure consists of 11 buildings and some open areas. Most of the Square's functions are designed to meet the cultural and leisure needs of the people. It is an ideal place to connect with the community, share culture and expressive features, and showcase Melbourne and Victoria lifestyles.
St Paul's Cathedral
351 Reviews
St. Paul's Cathedral is located at the intersection of Swanston Street and Flinders Street. Built in 1891, it is a famous building in the city of Melbourne. It is famous for its bluestone and fine wall lines. In 1932, the church added three more spires to make it look more magnificent. The church has stained glass windows, glazed tiles, wooden chairs and red vaulted skirts. There is also a huge organ, its brilliance and lustrous color blended with the red decoration of the church. There are several memorial statues stationed outside the church as well as a very beautiful small garden.
Yarra River
283 Reviews
Yarra River, Victoria, Australia

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Eureka Skydeck 88 Admission Ticket
24 Reviews
3% OFF
Puffing Billy Ticket

Melbourne Weather

19 Nov 2019
10 °
20 Nov 2019
10 °
Partly Cloudy
21 Nov 2019
25 °
Intermittent Clouds
22 Nov 2019
12 °
Mostly Cloudy

Trip Moments

NianXiao Yi   
Posted: 14 Sep 2019
Melbourne is the coastal city, the second largest city in the south of Australia, and a world-famous tourist city. Many people have set it as the first stop for travel in Australia. How to plan for the first trip to Melbourne?

Recommended itinerary:
D1 Victoria State Library - Melbourne Museum - Melbourne Aquarium - Eureka 88th Floor Observation Deck
D2 Sovereign Hill Gold Mine - Victoria Market
D3 Puffing Billy Steam Train - Penguin Island
D4 Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Twelve Apostles
D5 Twelve disciples return to Melbourne - Melbourne Central Shopping Centre - Burke Street

play in Melbourne Can be divided into three lines: 1 urban line, 2 surrounding lines, 3 ocean routes.

The main points of the city line are: 1. Victoria Library, 2. Melbourne Museum 3. Victoria National Art Gallery 4. St. Paul's Cathedral

Nearby attractions not to be missed There are: 1. Sovereign Hill Gold Mine (formerly the original gold rush site), 2. Puffing Billy Steam Train (Australia's oldest steam train), 3 Penguin Island (see the world's smallest penguin homing)

The most important sights of the Great Ocean route are: 1. Geelong 2. Little Red Riding Hood 3. Gibson Stairs 4. Twelve Disciples 5. London Broken Bridge

Accommodation: Essentials of the downtown line In the CBD area of Melbourne, if you live in the Free Tram Zone, you can walk to the attractions basically, and the trams in the Free Zone are also free. Chinatown and Chinese restaurants are also near the Victoria market, and life is very convenient. Melbourne has many high-rise hotel apartments with kitchens that are perfect for families. However, it should be noted that hotels in Melbourne generally check in at 3 pm.

1. If there is a kitchen available in the hotel, be sure to go to the Victoria Market to buy seafood and steak to go back! Premium Australian beef and prawns are great for simple cooking!
2. Melbourne has food from around the world. Whether you like Western food or have a Chinese stomach, you can find the right taste whether you want to eat pasta or Lanzhou noodles. Melbourne brunch is a must try!
3. The Yarra Valley near Melbourne is the oldest wine region in Victoria, so Australian wines are also worth tasting.

Australia is a Chinese driver's license. You can rent a car with the original driver's license and translation. Since Australia is the right rudder, contrary to the domestic market, and the Great Ocean Road will have some ups and downs and big bends, it is recommended to buy a full insurance without any compensation.
Posted: 17 Sep 2019
Do not spend money on the bus to travel to Melbourne

like Australia because the people here are not hospitable, see everyone who "Don't worry" smile
like Melbourne because it is the world's most suitable One of the cities of residence, the traffic is developed. The most important thing is that the downtown area is free!

So, let's first take a look at the free area in Figure 2 and the tram marked 35. If you have more time, you can take a ride around and familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment.

First stop: Federation Square - St. Paul's Cathedral - Old Railway Station
Early morning by car to the Federation Square because the shops and churches did not open. Going there is a good scenery, two people are few, the old railway station is open. After visiting these, just go to the opposite St. Paul's Cathedral. It is free to enter, and you need to take 5 knives for taking pictures. If you don't think you are better than a postcard, it is cheaper to buy a souvenir.

Second stop: Melbourne old prison
former prisoner place, first visit. Every small room seems to run out of a prisoner at any time to scare you. But in fact, there is no such thing as "scare" is the experience of imprisonment. The warden dictated all the tourists left and right women, and Allahs reprimanded. Then everyone will be locked into several cells. No lights, black lacquer, everyone is laughing. After a while, we were all released from prison, and we did not forget to take a "Prisoner's Photo" to commemorate.

Third stop: Queen's Market
Days in Melbourne, almost every day to the Queen's Market. From the station to the past one stop (one stop beyond the free zone), the stall owner can set up stalls, sell coffee, sell handmade products, sell ice cream, and continue to go inside with a drink. Selling fruit and vegetable stalls one by one, listening to the sound of not Chinese, it feels so interesting. I want to take a handful of vegetables, 1 piece. Come on two avocados, one. Yes, five hairs! Going inside is the seafood and meat stalls. After visiting all the booths, the lowest price is 18 dozen! Salmon head, one piece! Two lamb chops, 4! Four shrimps, 5.2 (this is more expensive than the sheep's chops) Do not consider the exchange rate, is the price cheaper than domestic? Great harvest, go home and have a good meal~

tips: Since the foreigner only works until four in the afternoon, usually at half past three. This point used to be nothing to eat. So the schedule of the day is not recommended too much.

-----------------The second day ---------------

fourth stop : Albert Park Speedway
is a punching point that F1 fans can't miss. Every year, the first stop of F1 will start from here, and the event will be unprecedented. When there is no competition, it is just a park. The track is open to all vehicles, the maintenance area is closed, and some become the place where children play indoors. Its still quite long after a lap, and the starting line can still be found.

Fifth stop: Royal Botanic Gardens
Royal Botanical Garden is actually very close to the people, tickets are free. Many exotic flowers and plants have been planted, and the flowers are blooming all year round.

6th stop: Ole (DFO)
The riverside has a walking tool similar to our tricycle, but it is more advanced than us, and the light also comes with music. The little brothers drove this kind of car to and from Ole, suggesting to go over and wait for something to buy and then sit back. The entire DFO shopping environment is good, the brand is many, the discount is big. Yu Xis word is 30 knives with sandals, and Wei Mis small guinea is 30 knives and five pieces. There is actually a pearl milk tea to open at the door of the coach. It is really possible to buy ugg in Tuao, but many of them are from China. Haha!

Posted: 26 Sep 2019


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Australia, the Land Down Under, is a vast continent full of rich biodiversity, incredible culture, and untamed wilderness. The great Australian Outback is the stuff of legend. A vast expanse of desert and grasslands stretching to the horizon. Running along the country’s eastern coast is the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system. Sydney Harbor is recognizable the world over for the famed Opera House and the New Years fireworks display. A country flush with natural resources, Australia is a welcoming destination where travelers can find just about anything.
William_Whitman   17 May 2019
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