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I took a half-day holiday on Friday. After a simple lunch, I drove from Weifang to the G25 Changshen Expressway for about 2.5 hours. I arrived at the Yunmeng Scenic Area in Mengshan. Because I booked the Mengshan Hall on the mountain in advance, I was driving by car. Guests can drive directly to the hotel at an altitude of 900 meters. The room for more than 300 nights on weekdays should be considered to be quite cost-effective in the 5A-level scenic spot. The room has prepared four bottles of local unique spring water, that is, the water source of the Chinese waterfall in the local Yunmeng Scenic Area. Perhaps this also advertises a brand. This water is not produced, but moved from nature. Each room has a small balcony about 1 meter * 2 meters. Previously, the hotel felt that the balcony was just for the convenience of drying and changing clothes. This time on the top of Mengshan Mountain, I felt that this small balcony was completely opened for the morning. The door, prepared to breathe 100% pure oxygen in the first mouth, I will not tell you that after waking up at 6:30 the next day, the mountain is surrounded by the air, and the fluttering of the "drunken oxygen" is rushing. A little dessert and fruit, a small glass of red wine, after being completely awake, sitting by the lake, looking at the distant mountains, one connected, the best season in spring, the temperature is not hot or cold, red wine, Green water, green hills, pictures of good clothes and comfortable clothes.
Yunmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
I have heard that the beauty here is not only the red tourist attraction, but also the scenery of Taoist Mountain. Therefore, Yamano Jun is here to play with the heart of Zen. However, this time I met a smoggy weather. The visibility on the top of the mountain is less than 20 meters. If it is an ordinary person, it feels very disappointing because nothing can be seen. Faced with a scene like a layer of flowers in the fog, changing to the mood of ordinary people will be more or less interfered. Even Yamano is no exception. After all, I am also a folk. Ran, the smoggy weather has created an unusual view of the cliff path. At this time, the scenery is "unconventional". It was very disappointing to walk on this plank road to pass the time. Unexpectedly, the smoggy scenery here gives an unusual experience. The entire mountains and rivers are shrouded in a fairy-like fog, and suddenly it is like entering the "blessed land" recorded in the Taoist classics. If you don't know what Taoism is, you can see it in such an environment. While walking on the plank road, I can't see the scenery of the distant mountains and rivers, and I don't know what kind of beautiful scenery in the fog. However, the misty fog gives a lot of imagination, and you can imagine all the things that have been imagined here. Of course, the landscape that comes out of the same association is that there is a fairy or a high sorghum in this fog.
Steven Zhang
Yunmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
Have you seen these specialties of Yimeng Mountain? Traveling, not only enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, but also the local cuisine is an important part of the tour. In the Mengshan Scenic Area in Yimeng Mountain, Shandong, local specialties are eye-opening. Yujinfang, the highest peak of Guimeng Scenic Area, is a restaurant converted from a bomb shelter. The scenery is beautiful. It can also taste the delicious mountain. There are various wild vegetables in the spring. The chicken soup is rich in nutrients and tender and tender. Most nourishing. Mengshan people also like to eat dumplings, which is rare in the country. The scorpion likes to live under the shady rocks and is also a traditional Chinese medicine. The local way to eat is to fry the whole clams. The mouth is crispy and crispy. There is no flavor, but you can't eat too much at one time. Mengshan Mountain Hall in Mengshan Yunmeng Scenic Area, located on the mountain more than 900 meters above sea level, is the first choice for eating and lodging in Yunmeng Scenic Area. The locals like to eat rabbit heads. The rabbit head is very tasty after a long period of time. The taste is spicy and full. Yimengshan people are especially fond of insects in the fields and mountains. After the grasshoppers are fried, they are a kind of appetizer. Mengshan's lamb is also famous. The local black goats grow up and eat wild grasses in the mountains, and the meat is tender. The most common practice of mutton in the local area is to make soup. The whole mutton soup has various kinds of lamb and lamb, and the taste is rich. Whole mutton soup does not need to add too much seasoning, the taste is relatively light, guests can add salt and pepper according to their own taste, which is one of the most popular local cuisine. To some extent, pancakes have become a representative of Shandong specialties. In the Yimeng Mountain area, pancakes can be found everywhere and can be tasted in almost every restaurant. Don't miss it. Eating pancakes can be simple and simple, and the pancakes are wrapped in everything. The most classic is the pancake rolls.
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