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JOJO’s wonderful trip
Bali Swing: it’s a great place for photo-shooting but has really high admission prices (USD 35.00 with lunch included). Photos alone will set you back USD 10.00 (lunch included). Ubud’s rainforests are actually really not that scary. They are mostly works of photographers setting up the right spot, and half of the tourists you’ll see here are Chinese. Most drivers will recommend taking photos at this swing here. People are all lining up here for the same reason, you know it. There are some 10+ swings, but the 2 best swings will require you to line up for over 1 hour. Other than swings, there are other photographic spots set up here, creating a unique ambiance of being in the middle of the rainforest. You can say that whoever designed this was truly quite smart. Once this got famous on Instagram it spread to Weibo, and half of the visitors here are from China. Even wait staff here knows a few simple phrases in Chinese. If you really have to come, I’d recommend people wearing a long red dress, best if these are ones with a long bottom. Make sure you wear a second layer in there, otherwise everyone behind you will see your (underwear’s) color, and it could be very embarrassing.
Posted: 26 Nov, 2018
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Mexico City
World Heritage Mexico Guanajuato Guanajuato It takes about two hours to fly from Cancun to Guanajuato. We fly the local low-cost Vivaaerobus in Mexico. Although it is cheap, the seats on the plane are spacious, the facilities are well maintained, and the service is good. Guanajuto shares a Leon airport with the cities of San Miguel and Slough. I used to take a taxi from the airport to Guanajuato, but last year I was able to take the newly-launched bus route. Airport Intercity bus timetable here, to Guanajuato is 50 pesos, about 60 minutes by car. Guanajuato is the name of the Mexican red network, and the old mines of Guanajuato and the surrounding silver mine sites are members of the World Cultural Heritage List. This is a high and low undulating mountain city, which is arranged in the color of the world to directly hit people's eyes and hearts. Just like the small hotel we stayed in these two nights, the booking rating is 9.2, but the sparrow is small and complete. The owner and his wife run this small shop with only 5 rooms, and an old lady is cleaning. Typical Mexican colors and installations are bold and very cute. Tebozane Hotel, double bed with separate washroom with simple breakfast for about 240 yuan per night. The B&B we stayed in is located on the middle of the hill in the center of Guanajuato's Old Town. On the night of the stay, it is Saturday, at the Death of the City of Guanajuato. We carried the box on the road of the bustling full-vehicle ban, and there was a feeling that the noise was too hard to make it difficult.
Traveling Sisters
The experience of the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, the second note 2. "The Dream of the Dream" in the cemetery of the night cemetery, not nationally versatile! This point is very important! On October 31, Huahua arrived in the Mexican capital of Mexico City, and he spent the night in the night to explore the cemetery and experience the scene of "sleeping through the night and watching the candlelight." However, after a little inquiries, the locals told me that these traditional Undead Festivals are no longer seen in ordinary cities and regions. The Mexicans have been like the Westerners early in the morning on the weekend of the closest Day of the Dead. Going to the cemetery of relatives and friends during the day to worship, a little long-lasting may accompany the evening, and ordinary people will only leave for a maximum of several hours. But! Its not that the traditional fun in the movie has disappeared. In the Michoacan area, about 4 hours drive from Mexico City, there is a very traditional custom of the Undead Festival, exactly the same as in the movie! Or to put it another way, the film creation team is going to experience Michokens Day of the Dead, and it will create an inspiration for the script of Looking for Dreams! In Michoacan, you still have the opportunity to take a boat in the night and go to the cemetery in the heart of the lake. The candlelight reflects the lake and the moonlight, as if you have gone to the city of the undead who will never say goodbye to your family. 3. makeup and dress are the finishing touch! This year, the flowers in all the cities and cities in Mexico have seen the theme of "Dream of the Dream": altar, mask, makeup, clothes... although Mexicans say that movies are more Americans' guess of Mexican tradition.
Traveling Sisters
Mexico City's twilight Mexico City Mexico City is the largest city in South America. The most populous city in the Americas also has the highest altitude in the world at an altitude of 2,240 meters. At first, the Aztecs chose to fill the lake in the lake where they saw the god of the snakes. Later, after the Spanish colonial invasion, the civilization was destroyed. Now it has developed into a huge federal area. The history of Mexico City is long. Its embarrassing to be displaced. Because I have to live here for a long 8 days, I will explore the surrounding scenery with Mexico City as the origin, so we chose one of the residential communities in the northwest of Mexico City Center. Airbnb. The landlord and her husband are fashion workers, sons and daughters are music producers, and they can be described as an art family. We rented a room on the first floor of the first floor of her three-story traditional house, with its own small courtyard, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. On the night of the Day of the Dead, the landlords son convened a bunch of musicians and fans on the roof to open two mini concerts. But after a day of raining, I could only reluctantly refuse the invitation. After all, it was officially 12am. The unveiling of the event, the old body can not afford to eat, and therefore left a small regret. Before coming, I was constantly reminded by other tourists, online articles and Mexicans from other cities how bad the law and order was. I was really a bit surprised. There is a kind of "see who The illusion of being a bad person. But I really live here for a few days, but I feel that I can gradually relax.
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