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About Naha

Naha is the capital of Okinawa Prefecture. It is beautifully landscaped with lots of palm and betel nut trees, green and tall Okinawa Pines, colorful flowers, blue skies and white clouds. The scenery here is very southern. Shurijo Castle still retains the same style from when it was the palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The stone paths nearby have a very local flavor to them. If you want to taste the local cuisine or go shopping, you have options ranging from department stores to souvenir shops all of which will give you an absolutely rewarding experience. At night choose one of the local favorite pubs to try Okinawan cuisine.

Popular Attractions in Naha

Kokusaidori Street
1,110 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Kokusaidori Street is the main street symbolizing the commercial prosperity of Okinawa. It has also been called "The Miracle Mile" since the Second World War, retaining the prosperity of those times. The streets are lined with large department stores, restaurants, boutique clothing stores, large shopping centers, various entertainment venues, and all kinds of popular information and goods, with reasonable prices to guarantee you leave satisfied.
Shuri Castle
852 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Located in Naha, Okinawa, Shuri Castle was once the site of the capital and palace of the Ryukyuan Kingdom. In those days, the king of Ryukyu was known to handle state affairs, receive envoys, or hold important ceremonies here, and it has now been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. According to historical records, Shuri Castle was burned down and reconstructed several times, with today's castle a replica of the Chinese Tang dynasty style architecture that remained from the Second World War. The Ryukyu-style castle combines the architectural features of China, Japan and Okinawa. One of the most iconic buildings is the Chinese-style Shureimon Gate, the plaque on which is inscribed with "Nation of Propriety", which was given by the Chinese Emperor when conferring titles to the Ryukyu King.
Naminoue Jingu
273 Reviews
Located in Naha, Naminoue Jingu is built on a high bluff, overlooking the sea. As implied by its literal name "Above the Waves Shrine", the shrine appears to sit on large waves when looked at from a distance. Dedicated to Nirai Kanai (World of Gods), it is one of the eight famous shrines of Rykuyu. The red-tiled roof, with its strong reflection of Okinawan culture, is a must-see attraction for tourists to Naha.
Tomariiyumachi Tomarikoryo Market
40 Reviews
The Tomari Iyumachi is a popular fish market in Okinawa. Here you can see the diversity of lobsters, crabs, shellfish and marine fish. The seafood here is clean and orderly. It is cheap and fresh. There are many sorts of sashimi. It is a good decision for tourists who like to eat sashimi to come here with friends and family.

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Naha Weather

15 Nov 2019
20 °
Mostly Clear
16 Nov 2019
22 °
Partly Cloudy
17 Nov 2019
23 °
Intermittent Clouds
18 Nov 2019
20 °

Trip Moments

How to buy Japanese snacks? I have chosen for you!
What are the Japanese snacks worth buying? I am already helping you to choose
: Promise me! for sure! be sure! Go buy this shrimp slice! Its delicious! A bag of all kinds of seafood is made, crunchy can't stop! Different colors and shapes have different tastes, each piece is delicious! 40-70rmb
: I bought the black sugar flavor limited by Okinawa. If you like a certain part of brown sugar, don't miss it. It is a sweet honey sauce that tastes delicious! Hailao is a delicious seafood flavor~ 10-20rmb
corn kernels: It is said to be soy sauce flavor, in fact, the milk taste is also very heavy, a small pack is very enjoyable after eating, for me this corn enthusiast is very paying ! Forgot how much money but not expensive.
I dont know what to call, but this is really invincible. The first time I bought it in Tokyo, I bought it in a purple package. After eating a bag, I regretted not buying it. I saw the three big ones this time. Wrapped in a bag, there are all kinds of peanuts, Adou, and a small shrimp slice. 10-20rmb
kitkat: Not much to say that the variety is very delicious, but the favorite is still dark chocolate ~ 10-20rmb
cereal cereal is not much to say, because the heat is quite high, so This time I bought a whole grain and deceived myself. 50rmb

Finally, the following film, Okinawa, this place is quite good to buy something else that is not easy to buy, such as the Versailles mask, a whole row of casually ~ and rice and sake network red Try to buy the product~
Posted: 20 Oct 2019
A Japanese wedding ceremony in Okinawa.
wave above the shrine is the most prominent shrine in the Ryukyu Eight Society, built in the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It is named after "When the waves are big, the shrine seems to be above the waves."
Go up the slope from the corner of the street and the Boshang Palace is above the hill. When I was about to enter the shrine, the crowd that had just dispersed was rushing to the door in an instant. It turned out that there is a wedding in the shrine! Since it is a shrine with a strong religious color, if you can see the sacred rituals, you will be worthwhile.
The first time I saw a real Japanese wedding, I couldn't help but feel excited. Even if I didn't understand the meaning of each step of the ceremony, I felt as if I was at the wedding scene. If the tourists on the side, especially the foreign tourists, are still full of freshness, the friends and relatives in the ceremony, even the parents of both parents secretly pick up the camera and take pictures, which makes people somewhat unexpected - even if even Local people are also full of freshness and ritual.
When watching etiquette, I did not forget the literacy. The Japanese wedding is roughly divided into the following steps:
1. The participants are in place
2. The bride and groom are admitted
3. Repair, wash the mind and body with water
4. The prayers of the gods are held by the priests
5. Three ceremonies, the bride and the bride offer wine
6. The oath is played, that is, the oath
7. The exchange of wedding rings
8. Fengyu stalks, to the gods I would like to dedicate the branches of the small poplar tree wrapped in white cotton paper
9. The toast toast
10. The exit
the end of the ceremony, the witch in white red dresses signaled the onlookers to let the road open, the newcomers will Go out of the shrine and accept the blessing. The temperature of this day reached about 30 degrees, the sun was strong, I don't know how the bridegroom in long trousers and the extra bride with a high hat felt.
Location: Wakasa, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 1/25/1
Tickets: Free
Opening hours: All day
Official website: http
Posted: 2 Sep 2019
There is Shuri Castle first, followed by Ryukyu.
Shuri Castle was built at the end of the 14th century, and the Ryukyu Kingdom was not established until 1429, in the 15th century.
Shouli City is the residence of the kings of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It is the political center of the Ryukyu Kingdom and a witness to the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The original authentic city of Shuri was burned down during World War II, and the building was rebuilt in 1992.
Shuri City is an important monument of the Ryukyu Islands. It is based on the prototype of the post-war remnants and was built in the style of the Tang Dynasty. Shuri Castle combines the architectural features of China and Japan and Okinawa, and was included in the World Cultural Heritage in December 2000 by UNESCO.
The ceremonial gate is the first gate after entering Shuri Castle. It was built in the Shangqing King era (1527-1555). Its prototype is the Chinese archway, with the Chinese character plaque of the "guardian state". , was designated as a national treasure, but was burned in the Pacific War. It is worth mentioning that the ceremonial door once appeared in 2000 yen banknotes, can be said to have a very high status. Most of the parks in the
Shoulicheng Park can be visited free of charge. The only part of the charge is the core main hall and the north and south halls. Among them, the cultural relics exhibition about the history and culture of Ryukyu, as well as the physical introduction of the pictures and texts, can be used to understand the Ryukyu Dynasty. Daily life and court ceremonies. Photographing and videography are prohibited in most areas of the main hall and the North and South Halls, and only a few exhibition halls allow it.
Posted: 23 Aug 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Fish people, there is no recommended new Duo Xin Treasure Restaurant
through the 3A, go to the Okinawa Prefectural Museum, where it is called the subcenter of the new center. Our restaurant fishermen were there that night, non-net red restaurant, no introduction to the Raiders, purely with a try to patronize; but often the more this, the more surprises. The restaurants dark colours are decorated and there are not many guests, so it is very quiet. There are also halls and boxes. Although it is a tatami seat, there is space for the feet below. When I saw the whole family, I was relieved. The fisherman is a home wine house with a wide variety of dishes and the price is not expensive. Regarding the dishes, there are not many online introductions, but they can only be tasted according to the usual tastes, but basically there is no thunder; there are a lot of hot and full tables, and the relaxed atmosphere unique to the izakaya is very suitable for family. Children have children's menus, children's tableware, plus one afternoon of sleep, and dinner is also very invested.
Until we left, there were not many restaurant guests, basically the locals who came to drink after dinner. Occasionally, laughter and laughter came out from the box, and the Japanese who felt that they had been restrained in peacetime came to the izakaya, and the mood was not so tight.
After dinner, the restaurant is located opposite the UNIQLO, muji, Nishi Matsuya, Toys R Us and other super-good shops, and happily strolls to the store to open the day.
Summary, it is worth spending a night for this restaurant, and there are many other foods around.
Recommended dishes: kebab platter, egg omelet (suitable for children), Tang Yang chicken nuggets
Address: Naha City House 11-3 fisherman Naha Xindu heart 2F
Business hours: 17
Posted: 17 Aug 2019
Shirley Zhu   
I have always liked the attractions such as the market and the food market. I went to Kansai to check out the black door of Osaka. While Naha is located by the sea, the fish market here is more worthwhile in terms of freshness.
Naha has two seafood fish markets, the most famous is the animal husbandry market in the international communication, many tourists will patronize, among which Chinese tourists are mostly. There are many kinds of seafood, there are many shops opened by Chinese people, seats are sufficient, communication is stress-free, and of course the price is relatively expensive.
Parking is a fish market where locals also go, and some senior experts in Okinawa tourism will recommend it here. Close to the Naha port, the first stop of the fish that was salvaged arrived here and was sent to various places, so the freshness is self-evident. The key is that the price is reasonable and you can buy it without any scruples. Compared to Makishi, the only drawback here is the dining environment; most shops do not have seats, and they need to buy them at the entrance to find their own public seats.
Compared to Japan's famous markets that have become attractions, the port looks more like a market. There are very few tourists holding cameras, and there are many locals who are rushing to shop, especially before noon. Although it is a seafood market, the interior is cleaned very cleanly, and there is no smell of fish. You can safely bring your elders and children. Although there are not many markets in the island, but the price is cheap, some are really cheap to be unbelievable, and I dont think its a big deal. Most of the seafood is freshly caught on the same day, and a small part comes from Hokkaido and other places.
The market is not big, there are only two main channels. We have a lap to get a general understanding of the types and prices of seafood. When we go to the second lap, we can split up and buy the ones we want to buy, and then queue up at the entrance. Suyi also happily put the fish market in the aquarium, some sea fish color is colorful, it is really pretty.
Since our family loves seafood and loves raw food (except for suyi), this market is simply our taste paradise. In order to take care of the children, I bought half of the grilled lobster, grilled crab legs, and grilled squid. Suyi especially likes the grilled squid here, which is delicious and can't stop; the family also agrees that this is the best grilled squid that has tasted our taste now, killing many Shanghai high-end Japanese food stores.
Fresh sashimi, sea urchin in the mouth is soft and flexible, and the happiness is suddenly soaring. With the ice coffee at the door vending machine, although the dining venue is simple, it is really the most satisfying and most delicious meal in Okinawa. It is.
Address: 1-1-18
Hayamachi, Naha City Business hours: 6
Posted: 17 Aug 2019
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