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This time in Nantong accommodation, the Novotin Hotel is set. First of all, the location of this hotel is relatively good. It is not far from where we are going. If you drive, you can get it within 10 minutes to 20 minutes. . Second, this hotel has a good evaluation on the Internet, the price is not expensive, it also includes two early, and there is not much discussion. Everyone unanimously passed and set a stay for two nights. The decor of the hotel combines the western style with the Chinese elements of the East style. The luxurious crystal chandeliers and LED large screens are elegant and elegant, and the style is extraordinary. When you walk into the hall, you will have a warm waiter to help you. Luggage, it is quite intimate. Check in at the front desk, and the sisters in the same room have a double room with a higher floor. The front desk is also very smart, giving us a heading that can see the night scene. The room was unexpected to me, the area was large, there was no smell, it looked like a new hotel, and everything was quite satisfactory. I usually live in a lot of hotels, the requirements for this are naturally high, this hotel is really good value for money, the companions are also very satisfied. In addition to the desk and a small tatami sofa, the two of us are not crowded at all, everyone is doing their own things, there is also a bar, you can make tea and coffee, quite comfortable. The bathroom area is not small, 24 hours of hot water is sufficient, bath products are also very complete, take a comfortable hot bath, sleep beautifully, to meet a new day. By the way, the breakfast at the hotel is quite rich.
Lang Mountains Scenic Area
Wanli Kunlun who smashed, the boundless waves beat the sky. Xiaohan Yunyu even the poor islands, spring warm fish and dragons. Where is the ? When does the coffin messenger return? Traveling halfway in the rivers and lakes, I began to feel that the eyes of the present day opened. This is the wolf mountain written by the poet Wang Anshi. It is magnificent and spectacular, and it can provide a panoramic view of the vast Yangtze River. Therefore, this "Wolf Mountain View" has been highly respected since ancient times and has become one of the representative works of Wolf Mountain. Before I travel, I asked Nantongs girlfriend: Where do you think I should go to the first stop? She didn't think much, she replied: Wolf Mountain, but you can rest assured that there is no wolf in Wolf Mountain, haha! So, a few of us, a group of people, opened the car and set off. When I walked into the scenic spot, I was shocked by the scene in front of me. Wolf Mountain not only had no wolves, but also pavilions and pavilions, and the bridges flowed like a walk into the gardens of the south of the Yangtze River. Its thick, everything is beautiful. After walking a few steps, I saw several characters in the "gate of the mountain", which was originally donated by Wang Jingxian, the monk of the Qing Emperor Qianlong. In the early Qing Dynasty, the monk Lengshan Master entered the main mountain temple and led to the market. The formation of the mountain gate is set at the beginning. In the modern times, Mr. Zhang Yi, the sage of the sage, managed local autonomy and rebuilt the mountain gate, and for the sake of the title of "the gate of the mountain", he was called the grand event. In 1966, the mountain gate was demolished. In 2004, the original site was completed and rebuilt. At the beginning, I think this mountain should be very high. The name is very powerful and domineering. In fact, listening to my girlfriend, this mountain is also more than 100 meters above sea level, so it is easy to climb up, this time I am relieved.
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