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The collection of Nantong Museum is not big, and the collection is not so much. It will not come out after a while. Walk out of the pavilion and follow the path of the Museum. The scenery on this road is very good and the trees are shaded. Finally, I met the most beautiful wisteria flowers in April. Wisteria is a warm zone and temperate plant. It has strong adaptability to climate and soil, is cold-tolerant, resistant to water and wet and thin soil, and is light and resistant to yin. Impressed last time I saw this full frame of wisteria flowers, about 10 years ago, or on the campus of junior high school. At that time, I didnt think how beautiful it was. I didnt have the eyes to appreciate beauty now. This wisteria trellis has 2 colors, white and purple.
Posted: 23 Dec, 2018
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Nantong Intercontinental Green Expo
I remember the writers I liked once said: watching peach blossoms in the spring, lotus flowers in the summer, chrysanthemums in the fall, plum blossoms in the winter, and a flowery person in a sensible manner, so the four seasons are distinct. My mother has always liked plants, and it may have been affected by her. Every year, I will take some time to see the flowers that will last for a while. It is said that the Intercontinental Green Expo Park in Nantong is very good, so it was planned to be in the itinerary before coming. Green Expo Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Nantong City, and navigation can be easily found. It is a dream garden integrating plant display, science education, nature protection, theme photography, ecological leisure and other functions. It is also a rare comprehensive theme garden botanical garden in China. As soon as I entered the gate, I felt like I was in a wonderful world. Before the fountain, countless pots of chrysanthemums were proudly blooming. They surrounded the crowds and fought for the good things. Walk in the Green Expo Park, the eyes are all green. At this time, I can't help but find that the entire park covers a large area. There is also a shuttle bus inside. From the gate to the inside, I went to the jungle huts. It is surrounded by trees and surrounded by trees. It is a dining, entertainment and shopping area in the park. I was worried that there would be no shops after entering the park. I did not expect the supermarket here to be hidden in the jungle. The entire jungle huts cover an area of about 10,000 square meters. The design of the whole wood, the jungle supermarket sells local specialties in Nantong, the Sunshine Restaurant and the outdoor barbecue bar sell a variety of food, in addition to A lot of antique shops.
Every city has its own night, and night is part of the city's charm. After half past six, take the boat and experience the classic and modern Nantong, bustling and quiet, which is the best way to end the day. The banks of the Weihe River include Guangxiao Tower, Tianning Temple, Arctic Pavilion, Wenfeng Tower, Nantong Museum, and Wu Park. There are Zhangye, Shen Shou, Li Fangzhen, Zhao Dan, etc. Former residences of celebrities, as well as emerging cultural and entertainment venues and tourist attractions such as Jidong Lvyuan, Minxi Shuyuan, Huanxi Cultural Square, Cultural Palace, More Traditional Theatre, Bell Tower, Wenfeng Park, Yinghonglou, Sports Park. Cruise by night, every time you go to an attraction, the staff on the boat will tell you about its history and story, so that we can learn more about the city, the small city under the night Its bustling and bustling, full of joy and leisure. If you are tired in a fast-paced metropolis, Nantong, a small town that lives in the river, is a good place to ease all aspects of pressure. Night tour in a small town is a kind of enjoyment. When the night is low and the city is lit, when the Chinese lanterns light up, the people will have a mood to walk in a quiet and leisurely atmosphere. Various flashing neon lights, intertwined into a world of colorful light, in the ocean of lights, giving people a casual chic and romantic, for the first time, feel that Nantong is so gentle and affectionate, Intoxicating.
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