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Things To Do in Nanxiong

Zhuji Lane
332 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
陌染MMTraveling to Nanxiong, I came to the Zhuji Ancient Alley Scenic Area, originally named Jingzong Alley. The total length of the scenic spot is about 1,500 meters. The pavement is paved with cobblestones. The ancient post road runs through the lane. The three gate towers in the lane were built in the early Qing Dynasty. Inside the south gate is an ancient tower of Yuan Dynasty called "Hufei Tower", which is Guangdong The only ancient pagoda of the Yuan Dynasty that can be dated, built in 1350, is made of 17 finely carved red sandstones. Zhuji Ancient Alley is the only ancient road in the Song Dynasty in Guangdong. It is known as the "First Alley in Guangdong". There are still a number of cultural relics and historic sites such as ancient buildings, towers, ancient banyans and ancient architectural ruins of different dynasties in the alley. Attractions. It starts from Phoenix Bridge in the north and ends at Sima Bridge in the south. There are now more than 20 residents, more than 320 households, and more than 1,400 people in the lane. Zhuji Ancient Alley is one of the three root-seeking places in China. It is known as the "Chinese Cultural Station" and the roots of Guangfu in the world. It is an important commercial town from the ancient Central Plains and Jiangnan to the ancient post road in Lingnan, and it is also a city of tens of millions of Cantonese people today. As well as the birthplace and ancestral home of overseas Chinese, there have been 183 surnames that have been relocated from Zhuji Ancient Alley. When you enter the ancient alley, locals will immediately surround you. At first you will only feel that they are more enthusiastic and show you "Free" to introduce the various history of ancient alleys, as well as historical sites, ancient culture, etc. When you listen to them, they will ask you what your surname is, and then take the initiative to take you to the ancestral hall, to the entrance of the ancestral hall , Immediately hand over the candles and incense on the hand, and then go in and worship the ancestors. After you come out, you will be charged. Every ancestral hall can be lighted by firecrackers. The price varies according to the size. A large number of them cost hundreds of yuan. I bought two bunches and came out after paying respects to our ancestors. There were a lot of small firecrackers on the ground. Suddenly, a group of old women who appeared from nowhere, everyone said that we should also buy hers and put them directly in the big The firecrackers are not taken away.
Meiguan Ancient Post Road
257 Reviews
Ancient Trail
186***85Meiguan Ancient Road is located at the junction of Dayu County in Jiangxi Province and Nanxiong City in Guangdong Province. It is a thousand-year-old road made of gravel. The ancient road was first passed through Qin and Han Dynasties. The four years of the Tang Dynasty (AD 716) were in Kaiyuan. White plums like snow, red plums like xia, and golden plums like Lamei blossomed on both sides of the ancient road. Slowly walking in the rare visitors all the way to the exude a faint plum fragrance of the ancient chanting road, really is a refreshing!
Maozi Peak Forest Farm
668 Reviews
我们的天空_It is worth recommending, the scenery is very beautiful, it is recommended that friends who drive by car choose to go in around 8 in the morning, because you can drive directly into the park in the morning, and it is also beautiful if there are few people taking pictures. The ginkgo in Xiaofangping is already very golden, and it is estimated that the Golden Avenue is still It will take more than a week
Nearby City
Longhua Mountain Hot Springs
73 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
陌染MMI traveled to Nanxiong and stayed at Longhuashan Hot Spring Hotel. My friends strongly wanted to go to the hot spring, so I found the hot spring hotel closest to us at that time. There are houses and hot springs in the hotel. Most of the guests who have come here recently only come to the hot springs. When we were playing in Zhuji Ancient Alley that afternoon, we also asked the locals, and they also suggested that we come to Longhua Mountain for hot springs. Indeed, here is a real hot spring, with springs, carbonated springs, the hot springs are not big, there are only two pools, a fish spa pool and a geothermal area.
Nearby City
Mt. Ya Scenic Park
400 Reviews
古言新语"Five Ancients. "The Beautiful View of Yashan Mountain" (Tong Yun) Yashan has two buns green, ten thousand acres show bamboo shade. Wolongxuan Waterfall, alpine tea is sweet. Four seasons Pandan Valley, Tianjie Town is cute. Daoyuan Academy is old and Yunhai Chalet is new. Xanadu Village, a happy forest on earth. Four seasons flowers blooming, characteristic tourist village. Longding Lake is glorious, Dayu Mountain is full of water. (Motherland Landscape 1063)
Nanxiong Museum
12 Reviews
佟璃桐The things inside are really worth checking out. There are a lot of things that we haven't seen before. All things in the world. If we haven't seen these things, how can we be right about ourselves?

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Zhuji Lane
Zhuji LaneShaoguan,China

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Maozi Peak Forest Farm
Maozi Peak Forest FarmShaoguan,China

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Heninyi Nongjiale
Heninyi NongjialeShaoguan,China

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Nanxiong Museum
Nanxiong MuseumShaoguan,China

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Zhuji Alley Museum
Zhuji Alley MuseumShaoguan,China

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Meiguan Ancient Post Road
Meiguan Ancient Post RoadShaoguan,China

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Nanxiong Travel Tips

About Nanxiong

Nanxiong is in the southern foothills of the Dayu Mountains in northeast Guangdong Province. It borders Jiangxi and Hunan. Since ancient times, the area has been an important passage between the region south of the Nanling Mountains and the Central Plain. It has also become known as the “Dinosaur Capital of China” because of the many dinosaur fossils that have been unearthed here. Nanxiong abounds in tourist attractions. There are many ancient historical and cultural sites here, with those such as Zhuji Ancient Alley, Mei Pass, and the thousand-year-old Sanying (“Three Shadow”) Tower known domestically and abroad.

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Nanxiong Weather

Apr 12, 2021
18 ~ 27
Apr 13, 2021
18 / 29
Apr 14, 2021
Moderate rain
18 / 24
Apr 15, 2021
Moderate rain
17 / 20
Apr 16, 2021
Moderate rain
16 / 21
Apr 17, 2021
Moderate rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Nanxiong
Apr 12, 2021 Nanxiong Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:80%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:04/18:44
Nanxiong Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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