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About Ningan

Ning’an City is in the south of Heilongjiang Province. It is situated along the central belt between the national open ports of Suifenhe and Hunchun. Ning’an combines natural landscapes and famous monuments. This is where the Bohai Kingdom’s Tang era Shangjing Longquan Ruins are located. These are the very well-preserved ruins of a medieval capital city. Another attraction is China’s largest mountain barrier lake at the Jingpo Lake World Geological Park. Other historic and cultural sites that draw people’s attention include the Three Ancient Burial Mounds (三陵古墓群), the Qing-era Great Stone Bridge (清代大石桥), and Xinglong Temple.

Popular Attractions in Ningan

Jingbo Lake Scenic Area
1,367 Reviews
Jingbo Lake Scenic Area, the beautiful lake of Mudanjiang, known as the West Lake in the north, is a well-known summer resort. The main scenic spot of Jingbo Lake includes two parts: Hangshuilou Waterfall and Bailichang Lake. The Hangshuilou Waterfall is a famous landscape of Jingbo Lake. Every summer, especially after the rain, the water is roaring and magnificent; Baili Changhu It refers to the Jingbo Lake District, where you can take a boat trip to the lake at Jingbo Mountain Villa.
Diaoshuilou Waterfall
178 Reviews
If there is anything that must be seen in Jingbo Lake Scenic Area, it is the Diaoshuilou Waterfall. This Diaoshuilou Waterfall is no less inferior to the charm and momentum of the world's waterfall Niagara Falls, just like the dragons and the sea, the majestic and magnificent, it is amazing. The width of the waterfall is so wide that it is extremely shocking. The whistling water flows into the Black Dragon Pool, making a loud noise like a thunder. Every spring and summer is a good viewing season. At this time, the waterfall has a huge amount of water, and the mist is transpiration, forming a dreamy rainbow, like coming to Wonderland.
Huoshankou National Forest Park
148 Reviews
Located in the Jingbo Lake Scenic Area, the Huoshankou National Forest Park has a history of more than 10,000 years and has thousands of rare and rare tree vegetation. The underground forest is derived from the eruption of the volcano. The original crater is now covered by lush forests. If the tourists stand on the top of the volcano and look down, only the green is refreshing. At the bottom, there are various pine forests, thousands of larch trees, and centuries-old spruce trees. Looking up at the sky, it is full of broad-leaved trees, and it is full of fun.

Ningan Weather

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Trip Moments

One of the largest mountain lakes in the world, Jingbo Lake, is located in the southwest of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. China's largest and the world's second-largest mountain lake, famous tourist, summer resort and health resort, national key scenic spots, international eco-tourism resort, and world geopark. "Jiaobo" means "clearness as a mirror", five points, a circle of halo along the way is particularly beautiful ~ annual early winter season in January, Mudanjiang Jingbo Lake will hold a grand and enthusiastic " Winter fishing festival." With the fish net slowly bring the fish out of the ice, the fish are jubilant, and then freeze, the scene is strong. Listen, the drum sounds, and the performance begins! Let's go and see the traditional sacrificial performances of the shaman now. Shaman sacrifices two kinds of family sacrifices and wild sacrifices. The family sacrifices are to worship the ancestors at home. Whenever there are important activities, the shaman welcomes the gods, presents the offerings to the gods, presents eulogy, and prays for the gods to protect the people. Prosperous, all things auspicious. . Jingbo Lake has a long history of winter fishing, and recorded winter catches can be traced back to the Liao and Jin Dynasties. As the largest mountain lake in China and the second largest in the world, Jingbo Lake has clear water quality, abundant aquatic products and delicious fish. The largest net output in history is 860,000 jin, which is a national winter catch record. The head fish here is different from other places. The Jingpeng Lake Winter Festival will re-release the largest head fish in the net at the release port and return to nature to thank nature for its generous gift to mankind.
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