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The Stone Carving Relic Park of the Southern Song Dynasty
The stone inscriptions of the park are mainly carved by the Southern Song Dynasty, covering some works during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are more than 200 statues made of stone. The stone carvings of the Southern Song Dynasty are famous for their accurate shape, diverse body movements and vivid expressions. The literary, military, sturdy, and sacred statues in the garden represent "loyalty, courage, festival, righteousness, and filial piety" respectively; they vividly reproduce the historical and human landscape at that time. The most striking of the stone carvings is the stone statue of the literary general. They are especially tall. The stone carvings of Yuefei's tomb are 2 meters high. The stone carving height of Yangxu's tomb is only 1.5 meters, and they are as high as 3.5 meters. The shore is tall and straight, and it is necessary to look up to have the full view. Wenchen wears a crown, holds a pilgrimage, like a god, a long, elegant posture, Antai, with a solemn face, like a gentleman looking respectful and sincere. Just like the expression of the sacred mind, and full of ambition. The statues of the generals are wearing helmets and are very high, the wings of the phoenix are large, and the scales of the armor are squashed, they are tightly buckled, and their eyes shine like a torch. Although it has experienced more than 800 years of natural erosion from wind and rain , it still gives a realistic feeling to the people.
Nantang Old Street
A free and open old street in the center of Ningbo, or a food and gas gathering place Ningbo city, gives people a feeling of low-key, as well as tourist attractions. There are many attractions in Ningbo, but foreign tourists can hardly tell any famous scenic spots. There is an old street in the center of Ningbo, which is very suitable for sightseeing. Nantang Old Street is one of the best preserved ancient streets in Ningbo, not far from Ningbo Railway Station. It is located outside the south gate of the original ancient city of Ningbo. It has been a gathering place for business and culture since ancient times, and it is still very lively today. is bounded by Zuguanshan Road, Nantang Old Street is divided into two parts. The North Street is dominated by traditional culture, with original Jiangnan Ancient Streets and various shops. South Street is quieter and highlights a casual lifestyle. Nantang Old Street is also a well-known food and snack gathering place in Ningbo. There are traditional Ningbo snacks such as rice cakes and rice dumplings. There are also a variety of Sichuan cuisine and private kitchen creative dishes in the country. Kind of flavor. During the weekends and holidays, there are many tourists on the old streets of Nantang. Many of them are traveling by the whole family and come to feel the atmosphere different from the new urban area of the high-rise buildings. Nantang Old Street reproduces the traditional style of Jiangnan in the past 100 years, recreating the strong atmosphere of Ningbo people's business transactions and daily life in the past 100 years. The buildings in the streets are mainly ancient buildings in the Jiangnan area in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Old Street has a cultural insurance unit, and there are 6 Wenbao points. Yuan Zhen, one of the "Mr. Wu Xi Si" in the Southern Song Dynasty, and his descendants lived here. In addition, there is the former residence of the famous film artist Yuan Muzhi. Historic sites such as Lishui Bridge and Yongshan Pavilion are also worth visiting. Nantang Old Street is easily accessible. It takes about ten minutes to walk from Ningbo Railway Station. There are many tourist attractions in the old city, the most famous ones are Tianyi Pavilion and Yuehu Scenic Area, and the Drum Tower is also a quaint historical district.
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