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This is the collection of the Ming Dynasty Jiajing official Fan Qin, one of the earliest family libraries in the world. The ancient books and books are placed in the building, filled with a thick book fragrance. At the same time, it is also the birthplace of modern mahjong.

This Jiangnan garden is dotted with rockeries, ponds, pavilions, etc., walking in the quaint brick and wood corridor, surrounded by a quiet environment...
Posted: 18 May, 2019
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Its not easy to get to Ningbo, but its attracted by a Sichuan restaurant. The success of the Ningbo partner's recommendation is to return to the bullfrog. It is really extraordinary. The kind of tempting pepper that is on the table, especially the classic canon, is such a hook, so that we finally added two more points. Pickled pepper bullfrog, 50 yuan a piece, really not expensive. Tianyi Headquarters is very close to Tianyi Square. The right neighbors of the shop are all food and beverage outlets. This business is the best. Not only is the restaurant almost full, but we still hear the cashier when we eat. The news of the take-out orders from the computer audio seems to be particularly popular outside, and I look at the take-out bags piled up on the checkout counter. On the first floor, there is a pickled cow frog, which is really amazing. My bullfrog ! Several letters have been posted in the store: put an end to the secondary oil, put an end to the second pickle! My mouth has always been finely drilled. This pickled pepper and the oil in this dish have never been seen in the promise book. The dishes in the store are very affordable, the price is very high, and it is also very good. The taste of the ribs is very special. The tomato is naturally sour, and the quality of the ribs is also very good. It tastes sweet and sour soup outside. The inside is crispy and crisp, so many years of sweet and sour pork ribs to eat down, this time I was deeply impressed. The fish fillets of boiling grass carp are quite a lot, and they are really full of blood and boiling. They are all full of enthusiasm. There are also several special dishes, the hot and sour fern roots in the cold dishes are cold and cool; the wolf head must be Amway, the taste of this stuffing is too good; there are pickles, dried radish, green pepper, minced meat, etc. Fresh fragrance! There is a paper tofu (not the dish I ordered, looks like this name), I thought it was fried ice cream, I really did not expect it to be a salty tofu, very creative. The drink is made of watermelon juice, which is also very top grade, and can be purely squeezed out.
Dongqian Lake
Dongqian Lake is located in the southeastern suburbs of Ningbo, three or four times larger than the West Lake in Hangzhou. However, the various scenic spots have been developed along the coast of Dongqian Lake, which is somewhat cheaper. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Dongqian Lake, you can spend money to enter the scenic area to play, and young people are more willing to ride a bicycle around the lake. Along the Dongqian Lake, there are many scenic spots such as Little Putuo, Taogong Island, Fuquan Mountain, Southern Song Dynasty Stone Carving Site Park, Youngor Zoo, and some natural villages and small parks. Usually, one or two days of weekends are selected. Play and not travel around all the attractions. There are many bus lines in Huandong Qianhu, which can reach almost all major scenic spots, which is very convenient. Dongqian Lake is the most suitable place to explore in the East Lake Road. The South Song Dynasty Stone Carving Site Park on the lakeside has the cemetery of the five dynasties of the Southern Song Dynasty. In addition to the cemetery and stone archway, there are more than 200 statues of lifelike statues. The museum in the park sorts out the history of the Southern Song Dynasty and the history of stone carvings, as well as the stone carvings of many surrounding areas, which are worthy of savoring. On the south side of Fuquan Mountain is a large tea field, the scenery is not bad, in the high season, you can also enjoy tea in the tea house above. Self-driving is not allowed. There is a bus going up the mountain at the ticket office at the foot of the mountain. However, it is more difficult to get off the bus during the off-season. It is necessary to be mentally prepared. It takes about an hour to walk up the mountain.
Coco Wang
Nantang Old Street
Ningbo Nantang Old Street Ningbo Nantang Old Street is located outside the South Gate of Ningbo Ancient City. It used to be the Southern Three Cities of the old Ningbo commercial and cultural gathering place, and is one of the eight historical streets in Ningbo. It runs from north to south and is divided into two streets, south and north, with Zuguanshan Road as the boundary. The business here, the revival inherits some of the old merchants in Ningbo, and introduces traditional catering brands such as Ningbo Yijiao, Zhao Dayou, Yizhai, Caohu Food and a group of gourmet snacks with local characteristics. The buildings here are mainly in the style of Jiangnan dwellings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They are sporadic and interspersed with the architecture of the Republic of China. They are built with traditional architectural pieces such as stage, octagonal pavilion and wind and rain corridor. Traffic: Take the No. 161/22 road from the South Square of Ningbo Railway Station to the intersection of Zuoguan Road and Zuoguan Road. The grilled shop is next to the grilled scallops, walk past the stage, and walk a little to see. The roast meat is very fragrant and tender, a bit like a roast pigeon. It is recommended that two people eat one, the price is 12 yuan / only. Oil praise is actually the "twist" in Mandarin. The Ningbo people of the old base have a soft spot for this oil-flavored oil. In the age of lack of supplies, the fried oily and crispy oil praise is undoubtedly a rare taste for people, so that in the past few decades, people can still be on the street to attract people to queue for an hour. "Nantang Oil Zanzi" and "Old Ningbo Oil Zanzi" are said to be their own, and the two stores are known for their popularity. Oil praises generally have two flavors, green is the taste of moss, salty mouth; Ning style cake is one of the 12 major factions of the national cake, in Nantang North Street Datong, Dayou, Dong Shengyang, Meilong The town is lined up, rice dumplings (water tower cake), ash juice group, green , brown sugar taro, printed cake, mung bean cake... all are soft and soft taste, like people will like it, but it is really easy Full rice taro water tower cake
Ningbo Jiaoqu Yaohang Street Catholic Church
Dabu Park (East Gate)
The Stone Carving Relic Park of the Southern Song Dynasty
The stone inscriptions of the park are mainly carved by the Southern Song Dynasty, covering some works during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are more than 200 statues made of stone. The stone carvings of the Southern Song Dynasty are famous for their accurate shape, diverse body movements and vivid expressions. The literary, military, sturdy, and sacred statues in the garden represent "loyalty, courage, festival, righteousness, and filial piety" respectively; they vividly reproduce the historical and human landscape at that time. The most striking of the stone carvings is the stone statue of the literary general. They are especially tall. The stone carvings of Yuefei's tomb are 2 meters high. The stone carving height of Yangxu's tomb is only 1.5 meters, and they are as high as 3.5 meters. The shore is tall and straight, and it is necessary to look up to have the full view. Wenchen wears a crown, holds a pilgrimage, like a god, a long, elegant posture, Antai, with a solemn face, like a gentleman looking respectful and sincere. Just like the expression of the sacred mind, and full of ambition. The statues of the generals are wearing helmets and are very high, the wings of the phoenix are large, and the scales of the armor are squashed, they are tightly buckled, and their eyes shine like a torch. Although it has experienced more than 800 years of natural erosion from wind and rain , it still gives a realistic feeling to the people.
Nantang Old Street
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