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Spoiler spoilers. The first game: in the river continent. "Guan Guanyu, in the river of the continent. My lady, the gentleman is good." The screaming screams took us through the millennium and came to the beautiful charcoal river. The ancient poems were sung here, a group of girls Bissang grass and light dance. The young Wuwang and the beautiful Ninger are here to love and love each other. Second: Charcoal Love. Under the instigation of his own self, the king of the king killed the brother of Wu Wang, and under the condition of the survival of Zhou Guo, he forced Wu Wang to cast the four sheep. In order to save the lover and the people of Zhou Guo, Ning Er gave a sacrifice to the husband, and staged a fascinating charcoal love. The third game: dance. "Jiao Ruo Jiu Tian Xianzi, it is the Yin Shang dynasty fox." As the head of China's four great enchantress Ji, from the nine-tailed fox as a totem of the Su family. Because of the levy of the king, Su Shi gave his peerless beauty to himself. Since then, the king of the king has been fascinated by the five fans, and he has gone to the road of ruin. , , Session 5: Love in Ningxiang. The waters of the charcoal river have been flowing for three thousand years, and the stories of heroes and beauty are sung here. Truth, goodness and beauty, persistence and persistence, dedication and love, have affected the Ningxiang people from generation to generation. This is the hometown of legend, the hometown of Ninglang: Ningxiang
There are different snakes in Ningxiang. Many people come here to eat snakes. Take the mother to finish the Zilongwan Hot Springs to the best farmhouse restaurant near the mouth to eat snakes. The snake here is a snake, and it is eaten now. First, take a stun snake and then cut the snake head and burn the snake to peel the snake skin... This is still the first time I watched the whole cooking experience. [Not simple] The taste is a bit heavy~~ Wait until the hot and spicy snake meat on the table, eat it, completely forget the picture just now in addition to the snake other earth dishes taste is also very good, the price is very honest, the boss is particularly simple, service attitude is super good. My home-made wild vegetables, cold dishes, black bean juice, and mint tea are served on the table for free... See my mother like mint tea, and go to the yard to pick up a lot and let us bring it back to haha.
I heard that the catering aspect of Country Garden was very special, and how can I miss it as a foodie? In this world, only true love and food can not be disappointing. In today's rich material life, the role of food no longer stays in satisfying the appetite, and taste can evoke many memories. Having eaten the cuisine of many five-star hotels, Ningxiang Country Garden has incorporated its own characteristics into the cuisine. It uses fresh seasonal ingredients and unique culinary ideas to present the concept of healthy health, stomach and heart. One has to be satisfied first. Let me put the poison and temptation to eat under the enthusiasm, "the food is not tired of fine and not too thin", when the exquisite food is no longer the fruit of the hunger, it should be an art of pleasure and body.
Songcheng Tanhe Ancient City
Songcheng Charcoal Ancient City: Located in the town of Ningxiang, Changsha City, Hunan Province, it is the first Zhou Culture Theme Park in China. The Zhou Dynasty was the source and the heyday of the Chinese civilization. It created a splendid and splendid cultural wonder. The location of Ningxiang was called the Hometown of South China Bronze Warriors. It was once excavated from the four kings, the human face and the other side of the country. At the heart of the music culture, its weekly cultural genes have been passed down from generation to generation and have been influential to this day. The scenic area has both simple and solemn palaces and temples, as well as the bustling old streets of the city. The chimes and ancient music, poetry and rituals everywhere, as if the time of 3,000 years ago is resurrected, all convey the civilization from the distant ages.
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