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Yishala Village

Yishala Village

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"Ancient Villages"
"The road is located in the red land of Pingdi Town, Panzhihua Renhe District, and is known as the "Chinese first village of the family" of the village of Guoshala. The Xiangshala, a mountain village surrounded by Jinsha River, is the largest natural village of the Yi nationality in China. In recent years, Xiangshala has many titles: "the famous village of Chinese history and culture", "the national demonstration village of ethnic groups", "the most beautiful ancient village of China" and "the ten most protected villages of Sichuan province". Walking in the ancient village of Wanshala, there are many red walls, green tiles, high ploughs, presenting "Langao and waving back, fangs high, each holding the terrain, the heart of the struggle" trend, quite a Hui school architecture "Wuyao Tian, four water to the well" style, the hall building set up a sacred position, religious heritage Han culture tradition, The house of Guo Shala is the Yi people's house after the renovation of Su Shi architects. "There are courtyards in the house, courtyards adjacent, in front of the door lanes, lanes and lanes intertwined, these village lanes and lanes are like cobwebs intertwined, here, the family red outer wall, beautiful red, for the whole village dressed in stunning costumes, looming into the feeling of red Buddha. The national costumes of the ancient village of Xiangshala are also very characteristic, the colors are bright and colorful, the work is very fine, the style is generous, both the traces of the dresses of the Yi nationality in Liangshan and some characteristics of the dresses of the Han nationality, it is a kind of unique national costumes. The villagers are very rich, the living environment is beautiful and elegant, men play cards and chess, women are over-household, the old people talk and talk, everywhere presents a happy and peaceful scene, the old village of the salad makes us unforgettable...#Net red punch card place #Ancient town and village worth going #Small crowd Recommended for free punch-in"