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China Juqueyan Museum

China Juqueyan Museum

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Ranked #14 in Panzhihua Can't Miss Attractions
"Juqueyan stone is one of the famous inkstones in China. Juqueyan stone is produced in the cliffs along the Jinsha River in the Panxi Great Rift Valley in southwest China (in Pingdi Town, Renhe District, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, and Dalongtan Township). This place was called " Jue", so it is called Jue inkstone. Juque inkstone combines the advantages of end and she two inkstones. The carvings integrate shallow relief, hollowing, round carving, deep carving, thin meaning, and reduced ground carving, forming a thick, solid, bright and rich multiple style. The stone products are gorgeous and rich, including stone eyes, blue and white, gold stars, ice patterns, green fat, yellow fat, fire, eyebrows, gold thread, fish brain jelly, banana leaf white, temple green, jade belt, purple sand, chicken blood, etc. Nearly a hundred species, among them, the emerald and precious stone eyes are famous in the inkstone world. Ju but the inkstone, people also call it the Chinese color inkstone, it is colorful, splendid, natural beauty, unique in the world. The golden field yellow, which has the reputation of extremely crystal, has a golden color and a brilliant golden color; the outer white is like sunny snow, the inner red is like snow red of cinnabar, and the charm is natural; like the first dew of fat, the tender and pleasant blue cloud is like a blue cloud floating The green radish jade, which is naturally interesting, is like a valley with green and blue waves, and it is like a green radish. Ju Inkstone is exquisite in quality, and the ink is like oil, and the ink is not decayed. It is wear-resistant and can be researched. It has the sound of gold and jade when it is touched. It is like a delicate skin of a baby. Fang Yi, Zhang Aiping, Qi Gong, Dong Shouping Masters at home and abroad, such as Huang Zhe, Qian Jiaju, Pu Jie, Wang Xiaju, Liu Bingsen, Fan Zeng, Zheng Minzhong, Liu Yanliang, Chen Shenggui, Xu Mengfeng, etc. wrote poems and inscriptions for Ju Queyan, calling Ju Queyan the "Treasure in the Inkstone" and "The Treasure in Inkstone" ","Inkstone Wonderful Products". It is a unique historical treasure in Panzhihua!"