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Snow Mountain
Jiaozi Snow MountainNearby City

Jiaozi Snow Mountain

4.6/5980 Reviews
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"Snow Mountain"
Ranked #9 in Kunming Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-4:30pm (Local time)
"I went to the snowy mountains on 2019.1.9. Children from the South saw such beautiful and thick snow the first time they saw snow. I was so happy that it exploded. It is highly recommended for children who have never seen snow to go. The journey is a bit far away, but it is worth it. , Buy a ticket from Kunming North Bus Station to Zhuanlong Town. It takes about 38 yuan and a half-hour drive. After you get off the bus, someone from the chartered car will leave a phone call for you. You can find them for accommodation and chartering on the snow mountain the next day. , Zhuanlong Town stayed a little better for more than 100 nights, the next day chartered to the snow mountain for 60 yuan, rush out of Kunming at night, they will also have the last bus to Kunming to go out, it is recommended that Ctrip book two nights Accommodation in the mountainside, some are very cheap, more than 70 yuan a night, get up in the morning and open the window to overlook the snow-capped mountains, very mighty, after coming down from the snow-capped mountains, rest one more night and continue the next journey the next day will not be so tired, remember Bring earmuffs or hats, masks, leather hand socks (required for playing in the snow), oxygen bottles (you can buy them when you go to the snow-capped mountains with a chartered car), warm babies (they will slowly get cold after a long time in the snow-capped mountains), sunglasses and eye drops ( Snow UV reflection stings the eyes and they will keep crying), apply sunscreen thicker, especially forehead, my forehead is black, eyes keep tearing, dripping eye drops and sleep all night the next day, then take a shuttle bus Leave Kunming, and then go straight to the Erhai Lake in Dali"