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The Louvre is located on the northern bank of the Seine in the heart of Paris, France, at the top of the world's four major museums. Originally built in 1204, it was originally the royal palace of France. It has lived in 50 French kings and queens. It is one of the most precious buildings of the French Renaissance. It is famous for its rich collection of classical paintings and sculptures. Now the Louvre Museum, the pyramid-shaped glass entrance in front of the palace, covers an area of 24 hectares and was designed by Chinese architectural master Pei Ming.
Posted: 22 Dec, 2018
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Louvre Museum
Louvre (French: Musée du Louvre) is located in the heart of Paris, France Seine River North, ranked first in the world's four major museums. Founded in 1204, it was initially a French palace, lived 50 kings and queens of France. It is one of the most precious Renaissance buildings in France, with a rich collection of classical painting and sculpture throughout the world. Now the Louvre museum, covering about 198 hectares, divided into two parts old and new, the glass pyramid entrance in front of the Palace, covers an area of 24 hectares, is a Chinese architect IM Pei design. August 10, 1793, the Louvre Art Museum was formally opened as a museum. The Louvre has become a world-renowned art gallery, one of the greatest art treasures. It is the world-famous Palace of Manpower. Another contribution to the Louvre Museum President Mitterrand made is to invite famous Chinese-American architect IM Pei to design a new entrance to the museum. Mr. Pei, after careful consideration, proposed the construction of a pyramid scheme. This pyramid as the Louvre museum, but also for the city of Paris has added a new dazzling brilliance. With this pyramid, the audience is much more reasonable to visit the line. Here visitors can go directly to their favorite exhibition hall, as in the past without having to go to a showroom and several other through the rooms, sometimes even bypass seventy-eight meters: a modern museum, logistics facilities in general half of the total area. Past the Louvre Museum only 20% of the city for logistics. With this pyramid, the museum will have enough service space, including a reception hall, office, storage room and a ticket office, post office, canteen, locker rooms, lounges, the Louvre museum services and therefore more complete.
Eiffel Tower
The capital of flowers, the capital of fashion, the capital of art, the banks of the Seine in Paris, the Eiffel Tower stands tall and the Eiffel Tower has always been considered the most romantic place in the world. Many couple lovers join hands and greet each other under the iron tower, leaving behind the shadows, making promises and witnessing the loyal love. So why is the Eiffel Tower so meaningful, and how many people behind the unrelenting love story know? 1889 In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory of the French Revolution, the Paris government decided to hold a grand world expo. As a landmark of the Expo, in more than 700 applications, Costa Effel's plan stands out: to create a giant tower that symbolizes machine civilization and can be seen anywhere in Paris. However, at that time, the French government did not have enough funds for construction, and even Ephel needed to take his company to mortgage to complete the construction. When everyone thinks that Eiffel is crazy, only Eiffel knows that it all makes sense. In the end, Eiffel spent ten years building the tallest building in the world at that time, expressing his true love for his wife only at the height closest to heaven at the time. When the 17-year-old Eiffel first saw the famous Margaret, it was at the bottom of his life. The beautiful and understanding Margaret insisted on marrying him despite his familys opposition. And with Eiffel, I walked through the most memorable 15 years of my life. Margaret's life ended at the age of 31, and Eiffel was grieved. He hoped to use an eternal building to commemorate his wife's love - and to be until his death. When Eiffel was in his early years, he climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and shouted his wife's name. Maybe because it is the closest place to heaven.
Eiffel Tower
Seine River
Taking the cruise on the Seine River is undoubtedly fast and labor-saving. The Chinese commentary helps us to explain the buildings along the river and the famous bridges tips across the top. Trip has a ticket for sale 35 Yuanqi! The most beautiful scenery should be sunset time. It is not recommended to light up. After the boat trip is not fast, the camera shutter speed can't keep up, and the film is easy to paste. The magical cross-strait culture the left bank of the Seine bourgeoisie and the right bank of the nobility middle god exist in such a small island - Xiqiao Island here is the heart of the whole Paris France produces the most literary masters Monet, Van Gogh, Maupassant, Hugo, Balzac and I teacher education textbooks have always turned to Rousseau of course, delicious Siti Steak Notre Dame, Paris Prison, Shakespeare Book House are here tips can arrange a half-day time on the island, go to Notre Dame must climb, you can see the beauty of the whole of Paris! left bank the total length of the Seine River is 776.6 km especially the riversides in the Paris city section are the essence of the place Parisian fun: the right bank uses money, the left bank uses Brain When the rich migrated to the right bank left bank slowly precipitated as a cultural and artistic center became the soul of Paris clear coffee plus milk became latte latte Adding sugar has become a cappuccino left bank coffee fragrance floating in the sky left bank literature, art has been sublimated now the left bank became a fashionable landmark it is a symbol, It is a symbol, it is a belief it is a historical witness and a valuable cultural heritage
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