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Qi Jiguang Home
Before entering the hometown of Qi Jiguang, the first thing I saw was the mother and child filial piety built by granite. It was built in the 44th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty. In 1565, it was the tribute of the grandmother and the father of the ancestors who praised Ji Jiguang. The construction of Xiaolian. The ancient archway is magnificent but without any restrained restraint. The exquisite composition and exquisite carving work are amazing and represent the model of ancient carving art. 's hometown includes the archway street, the table gong, the gongfu, the back garden, the Hengyutang, the Zhizhitang, the Wangyunlou, the weapons museum, the peony garden, the holy hall and other buildings. is the residence of Qi Jiguang, and is also the place where the descendants of the family lived. In the Qing Dynasty, the Qi family died, and the government was gradually ruined. The palace that was seen now was rebuilt according to the Ming and Qing dynasties. As Qi Jiguang officially worships a product, according to regulations, all halls are five open rooms. Wang Yun Lou is the building built by Qi Jiguang to return to his hometown. It is one of the high-rise buildings of the Ming Dynasty. It is convenient for enjoying the moon and enjoying the scenery of Dengzhou. Qi Jiguang once made a verse in the building, and the couplet on the Mingzhu in front of Wang Yunlou is his masterpiece. Zhouzhitang is the place where Qi Jiguang handles official business and reading books. Qi Jiguang once had the "Stops of the Church". The end of the hall name expresses the feelings of the master who is "hycent and self-sufficient, and gets auspicious in the silence", which coincides with the meaning of "the virtual room is white, the auspicious end" in the ancient book "Zhuangzi". The back garden is one of the most worthwhile places to visit in Ji Jiguang's hometown. It makes the military house of the government a bit more poetic and tender. Green grass, bright red flowers, gardens in poetry and painting can be comparable to Jiangnan gardens. came out from the government and saw a stone archway. The archway was called the Father and Son Governor's Square. The archway and the mother and son festival Xiaofang were built at the same time. It was built by the Ming Dynasty to recognize the achievements of Qi Jiguang and his son. It is also made of granite, but the shape of the father and son governor's square is even more upright. The archway is finely carved and is a rare stone carving of the Ming Dynasty.
Chateau Junding
Penglai has a ubiquitous wine culture, so you can't go to Junding Winery in Penglai. Located on the shores of Phoenix Lake in the South Valley of Penglai, China, one of the seven largest grape coasts in the world, Junding Winery is the most innovative winery with innovative meaning and oriental charm. A tasteful wine cellar is the soul of a winery. The wine cellar of Junding Winery is located 11 meters underground. We took the elevator down. We didnt go out and felt a cool breeze. It had a sharp contrast with the temperature on the ground, because the wine must be stored at a constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain the original taste. Sleeping. What surprised me was that there are still a lot of wines bought by the big stars in the wine cellar, which is what I took. The underground cellars of Jun Ting Winery, in addition to wine storage, also set up a VIP special zone, a brewing area and a theme activity area. The Wine Culture Lounge displays a short history of the winery from the creation of today to today's wine world. In Junding Winery, you can also learn about the process of wine growing, picking and winemaking. You can also taste wines of different varieties and tell the wine tasting knowledge by professional sommeliers. Junding Winery is not only a wine, but also a combination of food, leisure and entertainment. It is a wine estate and a national 4A-level tourist attraction that can provide sightseeing, experience and interactive services.
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