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PP Island, far from Patong Beach. I set off on a speedboat in the early morning. The sun is shining and the sea breeze is slowly. The 3-story speedboat and ship combines people of all skin colors. The speedboats at high speed are still very bumpy on both sides of the ship. The seasick friends and the MM who are afraid of the sun can enjoy unlimited sea views on the second and third floors of the ship. [PP Island Panorama] The speedboat finally arrived at PP Island, coming down from the boat and going ashore, paying 20 baht for the island. Stepping along the coast into the soft, soft white-yellow sand, the water is clear, the sky is blue, and there are many people. As soon as the sun shines into the sea, it is warm and the mood is naturally followed. [PP Island Beach] PP Island is a great place for leisure, swimming, snorkeling and all other sea activities. But every charge is expensive, remember to talk about the price in advance. Friends who don't know English, don't worry. Chinese tips and services abound. Here you can fly - ride a parachute, fly at the top of the blue dragonfly, cast in the blue waves, feel the thrill of rising and falling, weightlessness and vacating. Friends who like to snorkel, dive, and undersea walks and submarines. Travel and play with marine life in the blue sea. If you like stimulating, you can drive your own moped and experience the speed of speed. [Anemone] I love the blue sea and want to go in this beautiful underwater world. Today, I got my wish. Remember, deep dive must be booked one day in advance. Under the guidance of the teacher, I wore heavy diving suits and ankles, as well as oxygen cylinders and masks. I started a trip to the bottom of the sea.
Posted: 8 Jan, 2016
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Phi Phi Islands,Recommendations
Maya Bay
Maya Bay is located in the southwestern part of Little Phi Phi Island. The entire Phi Phi Island reef stands on the ground and there are few beaches, so the beaches of Maya Bay are particularly pleasant. Maya Bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the beach is white. The beach is small, and the 100-meter-high cliff is extraordinary, like a huge hand protecting the Maya Bay.  The sea is blue and the shore is dotted with delicate coconut trees. There is a typical tropical island atmosphere for viewing and diving. Leonardo DiCaprio's film "Beach" is shot in Maya Bay.  Tip: The beaches of Maya Bay are mixed with some corals and shells, so your bare feet may get scratched. It is best for visitors to wear soft-soled slippers for fun and safety. In addition to the masterpieces of the Oscar winners, Maya Bay was also a location used in King Kong and Jurassic Park. 
Phi Phi Islands,Recommendations
In the early morning, walking through quiet streets, hotels, restaurants, bars, diving schools, travel agents and small vendors are densely distributed around the alleys. The streets are bustling from morning to night, and the air is filled with a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. The birds sing in the trees and entertain themselves. The cats are playing on the roadside, so they are not laid back. Many Europeans and Americans will choose to stay on the big PP island for a few days. They will not be too busy with us. At noon, pull a lounge chair to enjoy the warm sunshine on the beach, leisurely flip a few pages of books, sip a colorful freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice, occasionally make a stay, take a nap, there are also The sound of the continuous waves is faintly accompanied, so good! You can go for a walk in the evening and feel the cool sea breeze. At the intersection of the bay, eat, drink, and play. Tips: Phi Phi Island is small in size, from Tongsai Bay in Phi Phi Island to Lodara Bay in the north, the shortest walk is only 5 minutes. 1, there is no decent road on the cruise Phi Phi Island. From the Tonsai Bay where the pier is located to the beach in the north, you need to take a boat. It takes about 30 minutes by boat to the northernmost bay, 100 baht per person, only two shifts a day, and the charter price is around 600 baht. The island's dining, entertainment and other facilities are concentrated in the vicinity of Ton Sai Bay. When booking a hotel, you need to consider the transportation factor. 2, long tail boat long tail boat is the main means of transport in Phi Phi Island, as convenient as a taxi in a land city, each boat can take 5-6 people, and it is very cheap to collect a few people to collect the boat. And the charter is very comfortable.
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