Big Phi Phi Island in the Andaman Sea. It belongs to Krabi Province, Thailand. It is located about 20 kilometers southeast of Phuket, Thailand, at 7°4044 north latitude and 98°4554 east longitude. It is one of the sister islands of the two main islands of the Phi Phi Islands. It was designated as the National Park of Thailand in 1983. This is a place that is deeply loved by the sun. The soft white beach, the tranquil blue waters, the natural caves and the unspoiled natural features make her stand out from more than 30 outlying islands around Phuket. Come to one of the hottest tourist resorts. The center of the island is formed by two half-moon bays. The sea near the shore is a charming emerald color. The central part of the island is extremely narrow, with a narrowest point of only about 80 meters. There are fishermen on the island, resorts, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment venues.
Posted: 24 Dec, 2018
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