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The beach in the northern part of PIPI Island is about 1 km long and has three or four hotels. The holiday inn is on the far left, the hotel is on the private beach, and you can see Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island. The hotel is good value for money, suitable for students who don't like to be noisy and want to find a place to relax. You can spend some money and adopt a tree in the garden. I carefully squatted, there are guests who are adopted for the wedding anniversary, in order to meet the commemoration day, and honeymoon adoption~~~ I like the house type that is unique, and each room is a small one. In the wooden house, a half-meter-high overhead floor is built under the room, which is estimated to ensure ventilation and prevent seawater from entering. There are two rattan sofas and a coffee table on the side of the terrace at the entrance of the room. The other side is usually a drying rack. After washing, it is left to dry, and the sun is easy to dry and will dry soon. There are also wooden beds that let you see the stars on a clear night. There is also a crock and a spoon of water to wash the feet, the details are very good.
Welcome snacks on the day of check-in. I also sent a keychain of ceramic frog to me~O()O Someone said that I was impressed by Xiao En Xiaohui~~~~ The hotel gardening is very beautiful, with all kinds of tropical flowers and plants. The top of the hotel has a sun set bar for a good sunset. The service is still very user-friendly. For example, the hotel will provide you with different texts of the hotel description and attention points according to your nationality, as well as dinner privileges for the guests; room pillows are available in soft and hard.
Posted: 31 Dec, 2018
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Phi Phi Islands,Recommendations
The island of pp is one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. Its seawater cleanliness and snorkeling visibility are world famous and it is one of the hottest resorts in recent years. Our game is to charter the boat in the north and take the mosquito island together with Bamboo Island and Little Phi Phi Island. A long-tailed boatman was found on the dock. After the price was cut, 1,500 baht won the charter. In 4 hours, the itinerary was arranged with you. The first attraction is Monkey Island. As the name suggests, the island is named after a large number of monkeys. These monkeys are not only greedy, naughty, and overbearing, but also have a high skill. They are good at climbing trees and swimming, and they will grab things. You can prepare some snack fruits to feed them. The ham and the plastic skin that I brought are not taken apart and they are taken away. Monkey beach, the sand is soft and white, the sea has high visibility, a lot of green plants, everything is unspoiled natural features. If you look closely, you can see some tropical fish swimming on the shallow water on the shore. . The monkey's social animals, seeing something to eat, come together in groups, so be careful to be scratched by them. During the period, I saw a lot of monkey mothers. He also hung little baby under his abdomen. He also came to ask for food. He was not afraid of people at all, very cute. After playing for half an hour, I saw the big boat with the tour group coming over and immediately boarded the boat to play the next attraction.
Phi Phi Islands,Recommendations
PP Island, far from Patong Beach. I set off on a speedboat in the early morning. The sun is shining and the sea breeze is slowly. The 3-story speedboat and ship combines people of all skin colors. The speedboats at high speed are still very bumpy on both sides of the ship. The seasick friends and the MM who are afraid of the sun can enjoy unlimited sea views on the second and third floors of the ship. [PP Island Panorama] The speedboat finally arrived at PP Island, coming down from the boat and going ashore, paying 20 baht for the island. Stepping along the coast into the soft, soft white-yellow sand, the water is clear, the sky is blue, and there are many people. As soon as the sun shines into the sea, it is warm and the mood is naturally followed. [PP Island Beach] PP Island is a great place for leisure, swimming, snorkeling and all other sea activities. But every charge is expensive, remember to talk about the price in advance. Friends who don't know English, don't worry. Chinese tips and services abound. Here you can fly - ride a parachute, fly at the top of the blue dragonfly, cast in the blue waves, feel the thrill of rising and falling, weightlessness and vacating. Friends who like to snorkel, dive, and undersea walks and submarines. Travel and play with marine life in the blue sea. If you like stimulating, you can drive your own moped and experience the speed of speed. [Anemone] I love the blue sea and want to go in this beautiful underwater world. Today, I got my wish. Remember, deep dive must be booked one day in advance. Under the guidance of the teacher, I wore heavy diving suits and ankles, as well as oxygen cylinders and masks. I started a trip to the bottom of the sea.
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