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Thailand's "Angkor Wat" Reality Lost Empire | Bangkok Ayutthaya
One talks about Thailand! Many people's minds may appear in the minds of Pattaya, Bangkok, Samui. In fact, there are many tourist attractions in Thailand that can represent its national characteristics. For example, it is known as the Little Angkor Wat in Thailand. It is located on the banks of the Basha River more than 70 kilometers north of Bangkok. It used to be the capital of the Thai dynasty. After thirty-three Thai dynasties, it is also a glorious ancient city with hundreds of years of history. Many precious ancient ruins are very worthy of a visit to Ayutthaya!
I am in the big city at noon. There are not many Chinese tourists, most of them are local tourists from Thailand and European and American tourists. Although the weather is hot, but the green shades everywhere are still refreshing, not only the ruins of the ancient city palaces that are hidden in the shade of the green, I feel a sad mood in my heart. Various ancient cities, temples and statues stand on the ruins. I close my eyes and can imagine the magnificent palaces and magnificent Buddhist temples. Every detail can feel the imprint of time. Prosperity and defeat are overnight. I took a lot of photos and many of the sights are really like the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Its really a Thai Little Angkor

Focus: I think many people come to Dacheng It is to hit the place where the tree is holding the head of the Buddha in the Mahathat Temple! It is said that when the Mahathat was looted by the Burmese army, the Buddha head in the temple was knocked down and rolled down under the Bodhi tree. It was integrated into the storm for four hundred years, and it was peaceful forever. I am inexplicably impressed by this magical power. There are many other attractions in Ayutthaya, and you need to buy a ticket, usually around 10RMB.

Traffic :(From Bangkok Valley)
Take the Blue MRT to HuaLamphong Station, the exit is the largest fire station in Bangkok Find the ticket office and say you want to go to Ayutthaya, first class Air conditioning fan 50RMB; the cheapest is the third-class station ticket 4RMB, the station ticket does not have a fixed seat, you need to find the empty seat on the corresponding car. Its not more than two hours, and the fire tickets to Ayutthaya dont have to be bought in advance. Every half hour there is a ~
Take the BTS at Mochit Station/MRT at ChatuChak Park Station. By bus Minwan, you can go to Ayutthaya, 90 / person, starting with 12 people, the seat is quite comfortable, about an hour and a half drive, sleep in the car.
I am directly from Bangkok. I am probably more than 500 RMB. I think it is quite convenient. A big seven-seat business car and friends from all walks of life can sit down.
It is recommended to book a day trip to Ayutthaya on various major tourist platforms, and pick up and drop off at Bangkok hotels. Prices range from 400RMB to 700RMB. See your actual needs.

In Ayutthaya, away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok's big city, the romance of Samui Island, but it really calms down and relaxes. Physical and mental, slow down and really feel the rise and fall of a city.
Posted: 26 Apr, 2019
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Wat Phra Mahathat
Among the historical world cultural heritage sites of Ayutthaya, there are countless legendary ancient temples. The temple with the oldest history, the largest scale and the most representative temple is the Mahathat Temple in the center of the ancient city. In addition to the well-known tree holding Buddha's head and the legendary story behind it, the temple is also home to many exquisite architectural monuments and exquisite Buddha statues. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire city. From anywhere in the city, as long as you are heading towards the center of the city, it is easy to find this famous temple. Many of the ancient buildings in the temple have been severely damaged, but through these remnants of the remains, you can still truly feel the prosperity and greatness of the city. Entering the temple along the quaint gates, passing through a deep trail covered by a jungle, at the foot of a tall banyan tree, you can see the most amazing and incredible scenery of the entire temple. A calm Buddha head is surrounded by the roots of a big tree, and the two are closely connected and become an inseparable whole. According to legend, this Buddha head was when the Great Wall Kingdom was invaded by Burma. When the Burmese army plundered the remains, it was accidentally thrown away. Later, it was provoked by the roots of the trees from the ground and wrapped tightly. Although the truth of the story is unknown, the scene where the Buddha's head is intertwined with the roots of the tree has become a great miracle that the world has talked about. Many monks from neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar even came here to visit this magical Buddha statue.
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