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Xi'an Yangling Agriculture Expo Park

Xi'an Yangling Agriculture Expo ParkNearby City

4.6/5315 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Xi'an Yangling Agriculture Expo Park, also known as Northwest Expo Park, includes several high-quality museums, such as the Yifu Science and Technology Museum, the Soil Museum and the China Agricultural History Museum, along with a small zoo. It also features terrific butterfly gardens, botanical gardens, arboretums and seed resource parks. It is an important base for teaching, scientific research and science popularization.
Lewa City · Lewa Adventure

Lewa City · Lewa AdventureNearby City

4.5/52,004 Reviews
Amusement Park
Theme Park
10:00-21:00, check-in stopped at 19:30 (Local time)
The roller coaster in Lewa City · Lewa Adventure will make you feel an exceptional excitement and passion. There are many different types of roller coasters in the area to meet the needs of different groups of people. Lehua City • Lehua Joy World is divided into six theme areas: Lehua Happy Plaza, Panda Farm, Echo Valley, Boulder Mountain Range, Starry Woodland and Moonlight Lake. This place offers plenty of leisure shopping, parent-child activities, 4D movies and a variety of rides.
Shahe Wetland Park

Shahe Wetland ParkNearby City

4.5/5132 Reviews
City Park
Located in Zhouzhi County, Xi'an, Shahe Wetland Park is a large-scale comprehensive theme park integrating leisure, hydrophilic experience, children's entertainment and eco-tourism. The Shahe Wetland Park is built on the Shahe River. After its completion, it has the characteristics of the Jiangnan water town and the characteristics of the Chinese folklore. It highlights the ecological characteristics of the big water and the green and the rich folk culture. It turns the two sides of the Shahe River into a water-friendly tour. Area. The quaint buildings stand on the banks of the river, and the willows, the red, the green, the small bridges and the waters make the visitors feel like they are in the waters of the south of the Yangtze River.
Qinling Wildlife Park

Qinling Wildlife ParkNearby City

4.4/54,152 Reviews
9:00-17:30 (Local time)
Qinling Wildlife Park is located in Chang'an district in Xi'an. The Wildlife Park includes an area that guests can walk through, a safari area (where tour buses take guests through an herbivore section and a megafauna section) and a Bird Performance Forest. The walking area is located in the western half of the wildlife park and includes a panda enclosure, a snub-nosed monkey enclosure, and a marine mammal park. The safari part of Qinling Wildlife Park includes a herbivore section and a megafauna section. In the herbivore section, you can see animals such as giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest. You can also see animals that are unique to Asia such as the white-lipped deer and the Bactrian camel. In the megafauna section you can find tigers, cheetahs, lions, bears, and wolves.
Qujiang Polar Ocean Park

Qujiang Polar Ocean ParkNearby City

4.2/52,327 Reviews
Aquarium 9:00-18:30; Polar Region 9:00-17:30; (Local time)
Come to Qujiang Polar Ocean Park to watch the endearing penguins, polar bears, and dolphin shows. Inside the park's Aquarium you can enjoy watching the beautiful tropical fish, the alligator show, or the dugong show. The seafloor tunnel is the best place from which to appreciate the marine organisms: you can wander around like you're on the seabed. The park's Polar Museum has two floors. On the first floor you can see way of life of animals underwater; on the second, you can observe animals that live on the land. Animals such as penguins, seals, and polar bears both swim in the water and come out to play on the land.
Qinling National Botanical Garden

Qinling National Botanical GardenNearby City

3.8/537 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Located in Qinling, Jixian Town, Qinling National Botanical Garden is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating species conservation, scientific research and eco-tourism. There are cypresses, sharp-toothed oaks, red birches and other vegetation in the scenic area. There are also rare animals such as pandas, crested ibises, golden monkeys and takins. Walk through the park, you can experience the harmony between humanity and nature and feel the allure of the natural world.
Jinghe Smart Agriculture Park

Jinghe Smart Agriculture ParkNearby City

4.4/5129 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Jinghe Smart Agriculture Park is one of Jinghe New Town's National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone's key developments. Located to the south of Gaochun Boulevard and to the north of Jinghe Boulevard, this is a comprehensive, modern agricultural sightseeing park where harvest, research and development, processing, demonstration, logistics, distribution, sightseeing, leisure and business meetings are integrated into one.
Fengdong Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Park

Fengdong Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration ParkNearby City

4.4/5148 Reviews
Botanical Garden
9:30-17:30; the latest online ticketing time: 17:00. (Local time)
Fengdong Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Park is a large-scale modern urban agriculture project expo garden close to Xi'an City. The park combines the strong farming culture of Jidong and uses the modern gardening method to design the agricultural science and technology display as the core. There is no cold and hot summer in the park, and some are just a green world. The park is divided into indoor and outdoor parts, including the Agricultural Science and Technology Museum, the Southern Botanical Garden, and the Colorful Flower Pavilion. The display of different pavilions shows the diversity and experience of agriculture.
Fantasy Aquarium

Fantasy AquariumNearby City

4.3/5157 Reviews
10:00-18:00 (Local time)
The Fantasy Aquarium is located in Taiao Plaza of Fenghe Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an. It mainly includes a tropical rain forest area, a deep sea display area, and a marine children's playground. This is a place full of fantasy colors of the ocean, incorporating high-tech methods, innovative ideas, and combining the content of education with the nature of the child, and bringing the joy of education and entertainment to the children.
Xi’an International Horticultural Expo Garden

Xi’an International Horticultural Expo GardenNearby City

4.3/5276 Reviews
City Park
9:30-18:00 (Local time)
At Xi’an International Horticultural Expo Garden, visitors can see and enjoy all kinds of garden landscapes and rare plants from around the world. The novel architecture of Xi’an International Expo Garden makes it a perennial favorite for local wedding photography. Some of the buildings representative of Xi’an International Expo Garden include Chang’An Pagoda, Creativity Pavilion and Natural Pavilion. The Chang’An Pagoda is one of the symbolic landmarks of the Expo Garden. After climbing to the top of the tower you will have a bird’s-eye view of the entire garden. New plant and flower specimens are on display in the Creativity Pavilion; there are many tropical plants to discover in the Natural Pavilion. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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