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Things To Do in Qidong

Hongcheng Hot Spring
16 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The scenery in Qidong is good, and under the effect of warm climate change and sufficient sunlight, various flowers and plants are flourishing. And this kind of geothermal resources is also fed back underground, forming hot springs for people to enjoy.
Nearby City
Qishan Scenic Area
27 Reviews
龙腾四海518At the foot of Lushan Mountain, there is a long viewing corridor, which leads to the Northwest Heights, and above it is a lush forest plantation, which was a bare piece of gravel mountain 50 years ago, in order to protect the natural ecological resources of Lushan Mountain, At that time, the leader of the Lushan Longshengguo comrade led the family to spend more than ten years to raise seedlings and afforestation, it can be said that through the hardships, on the unstable steep slope planting nearly 10,000 seedlings, now trees into forests, to protect the Lushan natural botanical garden made a major contribution! Beneath the promenade is the small reservoir of Doumen Gorge, there is a boat-shaped stone on the river, this stone is the legendary fairy boat! It is said that the flying stone into the water, because the stone like boat name! Lushan is a precious natural ecological treasure house, wild grass, woods, flowers! Animals gather! A hundred birds contend! Access to the mountains are all exotic grass, scenic sites and monuments are numerous; among them, the famous eight places, Wanshou Temple, thousand years of pot, 100 years of hero war! Thousand stone ladders to Changle! The god cows to protect the earth, the phoenix legends now ancient and present, into the mountains like the sea, pine and fir bamboo Tao Lianshan up, the breeze with the phoenix to find the fairy, the mountains all the four seasons are scenery! ...
Nearby City
Mount Heng Scenic Area
2,691 Reviews
Historical Architecture
CHRIS ZHU到此一游,have to the point of view and I don''t think that it was not immediately available from my house
Nearby City
The Wuxi Forest of Steles
82 Reviews
Historical Site
139***13Tunxi Stele Forest Tunxi Cliff Carvings, located in the southwestern part of the south-west end of the Tunxi Park of the Tunjiang Bridge in Yueyang County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. The river washed away for millions of years, but this mountain cliffs are strong, the river has to follow the flow, this mountain stone became the literati to this poem, inscription stone, thousands of years, the Nanguo Xiang cultural pearl, Hunan ten cultural heritage. Cangya huge wall, sudden, continuous 100 meters, this place is called: Tanxi Stele Forest. Tang Yuan Jie compiled "Tang Zhongxing Song", Yan Zhenqing book cliff stone, the country its qi, the word qi, shiqi is known as Tanxi three absolute. Song Dynasty Mi-fu "The Poems of Tunxi", Huang Tingjian "The Cliffstone" ... It is said that more than 200 literati inkmen in turn to the place.
Nearby City
Grand Temple of Mount Heng
1,273 Reviews
天使之翼Tickets cost 60+ per person. Many incense shops around the Nanyue Temple have a discounted price, but when you want to buy, most of the shops will let you buy paper money ranging from 300+ to 800+, candles, and sachets , Daxiang and so on. So when you buy incense, you can buy it by yourself in other places, line up to check the ticket and go in to worship Buddha. It's like in the temple or the Buddha or the Taoist master.
Nearby City
Former Residence of Zeng Guofan
338 Reviews
Famous Residences
首席监理Fuhoutang is located in Heye Town, Shuangfeng County. It was built in the fourth year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1865 AD). The entire building resembles the structure of a Beijing courtyard house, including Banyuetang in front of the gate, gate tower, Babentang main building and 3 library buildings of Gongji, Puji, and Fangji, lotus pond, bird crane tower in the back mountain, chess pavilion, and Cunpu pavilion. There is also the Siyun Pavilion built by Zeng Guofan himself in the 7th year of Xianfeng. It has a garden style, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters and a building area of 10,000 square meters. The essence of Fuhoutang is the library, which has a collection of more than 300,000 volumes. It is one of the largest private library in my country. Also known as "Zeng Guofan's Former Residence".

Qidong Weather

Apr 14, 2021
Light rain
15 ~ 17
Apr 15, 2021
Light rain
16 / 17
Apr 16, 2021
Light rain
15 / 21
Apr 17, 2021
15 / 22
Apr 18, 2021
Light rain
15 / 20
Apr 19, 2021
16 / 23
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Qidong
Apr 14, 2021 Qidong Weather:Light rain, Northerly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:10/18:55
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