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Water Park
Sea Cube Happy Water WorldNearby City

Sea Cube Happy Water World

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"Water Park"
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"I am driving from Chengyang with my relatives and friends on Tuesday. It will take more than an hour 1.5 meters. The free day 15 projects opened eight big projects. All the restrictions on height and weight are very few places for children to play. Here are some tips for me after I play. I want to go to the friend's door 1. Before going, I will go online in advance. The ticket Haicu provides that the electronic ticket purchased two hours before entering the park is good to use. 2. The park opens at 9:00. You can bring a little food and drink. The small bag will not check the big bag. It will be necessary to open it and it is best to go early to play without queuing. 3 Go in and ask for slippers and sandals. You can also prepare your swimsuit 4. You can bring your own swim ring. I read the comments before and said that I can't. I didn't bring it. I asked the staff when I changed the ticket. I said that you can of course not bring it. You can also rent a life jacket 10 yuan for a single swim ring 20 people 305. After entering the gate Go straight down the stairs. There is a recharged place on the right hand side. You need 200 yuan deposit to change a bracelet for a cabinet rental for 20 yuan and don't bring too much things. cabinets are not big. 6. Pay attention to the sunscreen work, sunscreen, sunscreen important things to say three times 7. Individual projects need to pay the big yellow duck's maze Fishing at the door of 20th 15 (after fishing, put the fish back and can't take it away) Fish therapy 18... 8. The water is cold and the first few items are sprinkled with water. I can take a big hat to block 9. It's best to buy a mobile phone waterproof bag. These other friends go to feel it. We play very well, because some projects don't dare to hope everyone can have fun. In addition, it is really convenient to buy a ticket refund on"