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Things To Do in Qingzhou

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青岛大胡子斑马Zebra Qingdao surrounding tour, mountain climbing tour, Yunmen Mountain in the morning, Huanghuaxi Legs in the afternoon have been thinned several times. If Yunmen Mountain is an entry level, then Huanghuaxi is a difficult level. 📍 Detailed address: Taihe Mountain Scenic Area, Miaozi Town, Qingzhou City, Weifang City, Shandong Province. 🚗 Traffic Raiders: We drove past, we can also drop in the past, public transportation is very few, travel bus is more, or self-driving is more suitable during the epidemic. 🕙 Open Time: 8:00-17:30, 17:30 stop entry. 💰 Ticket price: Tickets are 90 yuan, and Tianyuan Valley package is 110 yuan, and slides (30 yuan) and drifting (100 yuan) are extra charges. 🌟Highlight Features: 1⃣️As the first valley in the world, there are natural mountains and water. When you enter the scenic spot, you will find a secluded bamboo forest and a winding stream. It is like entering the paradise. The three waterfalls are the greatest feature of the scenic spot. The three waterfalls are the chu in the middle. The water flow is swift. Close your eyes as if you were in the sea, the sound is particularly sweet, there are promenades and small towers, everything is so natural and there is a helicopter to see the valley. 2⃣️Shuttle through the valley, and the three waterfalls pat, physical strength is a bit tired, but our journey has just begun, the climbing stage has come, due to geological reasons, some stairs are roofed, see the third waterfall someone goes down and says there is no view on it. We're just starting our climb. Let's move. 3⃣️ The water flow is a little tight with your steps. The scenery you see when you climb up is worth your legs. Of course, you have to do it by yourself. There are some grooves when you go down the mountain. The scenic spot will move some care. It is hard for people who don't exercise to climb to the top. After all, there are still about 900 meters in height. There are slides and rafting down, it is not very recommended to take, if there are children, you can do a rafting, it is still a bit interesting. 📌 Small Tips: Arrange your time reasonably, the waterfall is beautiful, and the road behind is still long. The small shop in the process of the road is still a conscientious price, the physical requirements are quite high.
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LY3V1Yunmen Mountain 5a-level tourist attraction, national key scenic spot, national geological park is one of the first provincial scenic spots announced by the Shandong Provincial Government in 1985. It is located in the south of Qingzhou City 2.5km, 421m above sea level. The plain was raised, and the foot was covered with pine shade, and the mountain was not high but had a thousand peaks, and it was famous for the middle of the rusu since ancient times. The main peak of the cloud, there are holes such as the door, high across the long, north and south, as the mirrors high hanging, summer and autumn season, clouds and fog, through the hole, such as rolling waves, the mountaintop temple on it, if hidden, nothing, like a fairyland, magnificent, called "cloud gate, or " cloud gate fairyland. In Shandong and even the whole country enjoys the fame. Tickets are 20 yuan off season.
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和自己缠绵和世界吵架Not bad, it was May Day to catch up with the peak of the trip. At ordinary times, the 2 hours and 30 minutes from Changyi to Qingzhou were blocked for nearly 5 hours. There were many people in the scenic spot. They were pushed upwards. Fortunately, the scenery was beautiful. It is also a worthwhile trip.
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小小绿带爆米花An ancient village with more than 600 years of history, no villagers have been there. But because it is the location of the filming of "Red Sorghum", so it has become a popular tourist hotspot.
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M33***23Yangtianshan natural scenic spot forest sea boundless, plant species are numerous, I went in mid-April, many plants just grow new branches and green leaves, the Lianlu of the mountains open bright yellow flowers, the main attractions are Moyunxuan, Buddha Guangya, Wenshu Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, among which Moyunxuan is more dangerous, Like climbing tourists need to do their best, you can drive directly along the Kowloon Pan, to the top of the mountain, then travel, my family and I parked in the parking lot of Wenshu Temple, Shun Wenshu Temple climbing the top of the mountain, the local villagers at the top are very hospitable, there are mountain goods can buy. It is worth mentioning that the staff of the park are extremely responsible, because my phone invisibly dial their contact number, I did not notice, they contact me over and over again, afraid of what dangerous situation I will appear, until I answered the phone and reported peace. The only regret is that the ticket price is slightly higher, the service facilities are less, Shandong Province sent veterans' honorary army card can not be free, said that did not receive the superior departments informed.
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M23***30Unexpectedly, the scenic area is very big. I only accompanied my friends to visit the Jiulongyu Scenic Area this time. I didn’t go to the Happy World and the Zoo. The scenery is beautiful and very breathtaking. It’s close to the city, just one day, and noon. Have a special meal, and next time bring your children to the zoo and the happy world to play. Sometimes, you don’t have to deliberately search for poetry and distant places, you can find it at your doorstep, haha!

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Yunmenshan Scenic SpotWeifang,China

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About Qingzhou

Qingzhou is located in the middle of the Shandong Peninsula. It is under the jurisdiction of Weifang City. It is one of the ancient Nine States. The southwestern suburbs outside the city have places such as the picturesque Yunmen Mountain, Camel Mountain, Linglong Mountain and Yangtian Mountain. Inside the city, there are sites such as the Fangong Pavilion (built to commemorate Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty), the Zhenjiao Temple (which was built in the Yuan Dynasty)m and the former site of the Qing Dynasty barracks. Qingzhou City is a National Historical and Cultural City and one of China's major flower distribution centers.

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