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Quebec City

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Quebec City Weather

12 Aug, 2020
15 °
Turning Clear
13 Aug, 2020
Partly Cloudy
14 Aug, 2020
Partly Cloudy
15 Aug, 2020
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Trip Moments

Miss chun   
World Heritage City - Quebec Ancient City Into the Fairy Tale World Name Quebec City coordinates Located in Quebec City, Quebec, Eastern Canada, Business Hours 24 hours price free to open. The best time to play in the spring and autumn is pleasant, but very short. The summer is sunny and the climate is hot and humid. The temperature in midsummer is hovering between 15-28 °C, and sometimes the temperature will rise to around 35 degrees. This time is the most comfortable, but in winter there is also the romance of Quebec. Recommended reason Korean drama "Ghost" shooting location - Quebec City. Qubec City is a legendary color in North America. It is as romantic as a fairy tale world. It is the place where "ghosts" open any door. About the ancient city of Quebec, it used to be the colonial base and commercial center of the New France Empire. The British have been here, the French Empire has come, the US military has come, and the Central and Eastern European immigrants have settled... It has concentrated on the most prosperous trades and buildings of the colonial period...and is still a treasure of history. A world heritage city that preserves a complete urban defense system and a historic building with French charm. Tour Routes Old Quebec & Old Port, Old Town, Quebec Old Town - The Battlefields Park - Quartier du Petit Champlain - Fairmont Qubec City Fairmont Hotel Quebec City Fairmount Hotel Experience World Heritage City - Old City of Quebec Really a fairy tale world ~ Facing the St. Laurent River, built along the mountains / Hh/ everywhere is the castle in the world of call h Quebec town daily, grandfather with his granddaughter hanging out, aunt before going out to scrape the body of the snow, horse car strolling tourists Naughty Mark and the brothers hit the snow, you and him pass by, and he and they hold hands and kiss in the street... leave, snowy The more you get bigger, the song slowly goes away, cedar, velvet, every morning, you are white and bright... Notes 1, contrary to the domestic, in the public holidays in Canada (National Day, Christmas, New Year's Day, etc.) Basically all the shops, restaurants and places of entertainment are closed rest, tourists are advised to avoid during the holidays to visit Toronto. 2, Tips are required for meals, taxis, and various services (haircuts, grooming, baggage handling, etc.) in Canada. The rule of thumb is to pay 15% of the pre-tax price. 3, in Quebec, the main exchange is in French.
Posted: 9 Sep, 2019
Joe Cai   
I think Quebec City is the most European city in North America. If you use a beautiful word to describe Quebec City, it is not enough! Rue Saint-Jean, another particularly lively neighbourhood in Quebec's Upper Town, is lined with a variety of restaurants, shops, snacks, bars, etc. on both sides of the street. Visitors are also coming and going. There are also many street performers performing here. Because Qubec City uses French as its main language, although I want to use yelp to see if there are any restaurants worth recommending, I have not seen it. Just stop and see that there are people waiting outside the door on the right hand side. It seems that there are quite a lot of people inside, and it is very interesting that you can see what the waiters are making on the scene through the doors and windows, and stand there for a long time. A little touch, this is like a restaurant with a practice pizza! After dinner, I walked along this street for a long time, and the shops on both sides could not help but want to go in and see! Although a few nights have already smashed several stores, it does not affect the excitement of this street! After all, many bars are still attracting the patronage of many customers. Many of the street seats feel quite casual, just the weather is not hot, and it is quite pleasant to have a drink. Of course, during the day, there are many people who enjoy afternoon tea or lunch. The flow of people from Wagner Wagner is still very lively! There are also a lot of street performers on this street. The instrument played by this little brother has never been seen before, but the thing in his hand is very common among street performers in North America. It is also amazing to be able to make different tones.
Posted: 7 May, 2019
Traveling Sisters   
What you want to say is Quebec City, Canada. On the occasion of the New Year, locals will suggest that you look at the night and enjoy the good times, because the night of Quebec is really beautiful and suffocating. In Quebec City, I recommend you to take a ferry and cross the St. Lawrence River to see the fairy tale of Quebec. On the other side of the river is another beautiful town of Levis, and the waiting hall is also beautiful! The area where the passengers on board can walk is also the 2nd and 3rd decks, all of which belong to the outdoor part, and can clearly see the scenery on both sides of the river. See the landmark of Quebec City, the Fairmont Castle Hotel, which is a must! A little further, the castle and the surrounding walls and the cliffs on the edge of the Abraham plain are all visible. The dock has a warehouse area, the day is just a plain white wall, but at night it has become a landscape like a fluorescent waterfall! After a trip to the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and Levis, it takes about an hour to get on a ferry, a one-way 15-minute boat ride + 30 minutes on the shore. Return to Qubec City and take a walk along the pier to the lower city. The quiet street went down to the fairy tale theater. The house was still a stone in the 18th and 9th centuries, and the time seemed to have been frozen in the morning. Along the steps to the platform near the Fairmont Castle Hotel, the house in the lower town is like a building block in the fantasy world. Next to the dock, the ferry that I had just taken was still brightly lit, waiting for the passengers to dial one after another. This quiet and beautiful New Year's Eve will always be in memory.
Posted: 23 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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