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About Queenstown

Surrounded by majestic mountains from all sides, Queenstown is located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu on New Zealand’s South Island. There is a clear division between each of the four seasons. Summer has blue skies and sunshine. Autumn hosts a riot of brilliant colors. Winter is cool and refreshing with the mountains covered in snow. Spring sees the return of blossoming flowers. Queenstown is often called New Zealand's "Adventure Capital". Queenstown's Kawarau Bridge is famous for being the birthplace of bungee jumping. Other than the extraordinary opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding in the winter, you can try bungee jumping, skydiving, canyon swinging, jetskiing, horseback riding and long-distance hiking in this natural paradise. Each and every one of these activities is sure to give you an adrenaline rush!

Popular Attractions in Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu
443 Reviews
Lake Wakatipu is located in Queenstown, New Zealand's South Island. It is the third largest lake in New Zealand. It is in a lightning bolt shape. The lake is very clear and known as “Emerald Lake”. If you are in Queenstown, you can choose to overlook the Lake Wakatipu from the famous Sky Cable Car. Taking the TSS Earnslaw steamship cruise is undoubtedly one way of enjoying the beautiful scenery on the Lake Wakatipu. Not only does it brings the lake and the mountains close under your eyes, but also brings the tranquility and serenity of the lake to your heart, and the breathtaking beauty of scenery into your memory. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious barbecue and experience authentic New Zealand culture.
Queenstown Skyline
238 Reviews
Cable Car
The Queenstown Skyline is located on the top of Bob Peak in Queenstown. It is a great location overlooking downtown Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the mountains beyond. The sightseeing corridor on the second floor overlooks the town with a panoramic view of 270 degrees. The Queenstown Skyline is a very comprehensive attraction. In addition to the view, there is also a restaurant, Skyline Restaurant, which is a very famous landscape restaurant.
Queenstown Gardens
110 Reviews
City Park
The Queenstown Garden is located in the southeast of the town, on a small peninsula on Lake Wakatipu. Locals often come here to sunbathe, picnic and exercise. Although the garden is close to the city, the environment is quite quiet. There are tennis, golf and other entertainment facilities in the park. The park is surrounded by trees and flowers, making it a great place for recreation.
Walter Peak Farm
124 Reviews
Boat Tour
1 Mount Nicholas-Beach Bay Rd, Walter Peak 9793

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Queenstown Weather

1 Jun, 2020
-2 °
Turning Clear
2 Jun, 2020
Intermittent Clouds
3 Jun, 2020
4 Jun, 2020
Light Snow

Trip Moments

For the first time in life, I challenged the limit. The 15,000-foot skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand is the most comprehensive strategy. When it comes to extreme sports, I have to say that skydiving and skydiving will definitely think that New Zealands extreme sports are famous all over the world, and Queenstowns skydiving is the best in New Zealand. of. Last time I didn't choose to skydiving in Cairns, Australia, it was a very wise choice. I finally jumped in Queenstown. Originally, I was more afraid of losing weight. In fact, there was no sense of weight loss in parachuting. Before I decided to jump, I consulted many small partners and said that I didnt lose weight, so I was relieved to jump. Since I want to jump, I have to jump the best, so I chose to jump in the sky dive in Queenstown, New Zealand. I booked it online in advance. I jumped at 10 in the morning and went to sky dive check-in ten minutes earlier. Because skydiving is very weather-conscious, it is directly canceled if the weather is bad. In Queenstown, one day earlier, the weather was not good, so I was very worried that I couldnt jump. I could only keep praying. Fortunately, God listened to my prayers. It was so lucky the next day. After check-in, it is OK to jump, it will let you fill out a form first, don't worry, have Chinese service, then watch related videos, the staff will explain, and then confirm whether you want to buy photo video package. Then you will take the shuttle bus to the skydiving base. The journey takes about 20 minutes. There are skydiving costumes, umbrella caps, goggles and gloves. After the change, the coach took you on board. The coaches are very professional and humorous. Don't worry at all. After the airplane has hovered to a certain height, the pilot will let you feel the feeling of weightlessness in advance. At the moment the airplane door is opened, a cold wind blows in. I don't want to jump. I haven't waited for me to slow down, the coach has pushed me outside the hatch, and I have been pushed down if I don't have time to regret it. The moment I just went down, I felt that I had been falling down. I didnt lose weight. I fell freely for about 60 seconds. The coach opened the parachute. The next step was to fly freely to see the beauty of Queenstown. Although it is not adult-like, but you must spread your arms and fly, at this moment you will feel that you are really a bird. The whole skydiving process takes about 5 minutes, 12,000 feet will be shorter, and you have already landed without enjoying it. . Then is the time to wait for photos and videos. You can take a photo at the base and finally give you a 4g USB flash drive with photos and videos. Tips: 1 Reservation method: All major OTA platforms in China can be booked, and on-site registration is also possible, but the peak season must be booked in advance. 2 Price: 12,000 feet 349 NZD (1:5) 15,000 feet 449 NZD coach hand-held photo + video 199 NZD third person high-altitude shot + coach shooting photo video 359 NZD 3 skydiving about 3.5 hours, More people will take longer. 4 skydiving completely watching the weather, the weather is not good, cancel directly, you can choose to refund or postpone 5 photos and videos can only be booked on-site, can not be booked online
Posted: 21 Nov, 2018
Joyce M   
What kind of clothes southern hemisphere spring, warm and cold, 20 degrees in the day, morning and evening can only be a few degrees. The North Island is warmer and the South Island is cooler, so even in spring and summer you need to bring some thick clothes. The demon is walking with the girlfriends, one person brought a 28-inch box, and the heavy clothes are not taken. The most popular belts are warm sweaters (wool, cashmere), large scarves and scarves. If you are carrying a baggage with a male ticket, you can bring one more bag, so you don't need to worry too much. A coat or a thin down jacket with a piece is also very useful. Little girl wearing 1 loose tops + hat scarf + lower body disappeared, the lower body disappeared wearing the law, very friendly to the little girl. Originally, the first picture is to wear shorts underneath, but the day is very cold, I am stunned. However, the black pants also have the effect of lengthening the body. 2 The skirt of the veil, the soft light effect of the veil is very beautiful under the backlight, and the sweater is quite beautiful. The little girl wearing a long skirt sometimes has an unexpected pulling effect. 3Beret, it's too good to set up, simple clothes can also make a stylish feeling, with retro sunglasses is very suitable for Victorian architecture. 4 silk scarf, this time with two Hermes 90*90, you can do headscarf or shawl, omnipotent. 5 Summer dress, New Zealand's current weather is very suitable for mashups, bring a summer dress that you want to take pictures, wear a thick coat when you are cold, take off when you take the sun or take pictures, it won't be cold. 6 Good looking pajamas, Queenstown many landscape B&B hotels are beautiful, you can take a good looking hotel photo, so it is not bad to bring nice pajamas.
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