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Culai MountainNearby City

Culai Mountain

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Ranked #1 in Taian Must-Visit Museums
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"After the Taishan Recreation Tour, it is suitable for self-driving tour. It is very convenient to book tickets in 𢹂. It is necessary to exchange the ticket at the service center at the entrance of the mountain. The service staff will provide a reference map and drive directly into the mountain. There are not many cars on the way. You can choose a safe place to park and take pictures. The main attraction is the Chinese Military Account, which needs to climb a little bit of steps. It is the place where the army of the former Wu Wang Cuiqi rested and stationed in the Yuan Dynasty. There are three thousand-year-old pine trees. They were recorded in the Book of Songs ~. The pine is Yingke Song, Longsong and Fengsong. It is very spectacular and there are also large stones standing on the edge of the mountain. Later in a section of the mountain road can be overlooked by a viewing platform, along the mountain road must pay attention to safety. On the way, I met a local family. I watched the scenery at a bend without a sign. The larger Thai safety view is very good. I must not miss it. I met a group of red hair goats who rested before going down the mountain. It is very cute. The local dad said that this kind of goat is very rare. It is really rare. They say that the outsiders travel to Taishan, local people see the oysters, more experience the local customs, recommended to play."