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Zoige Flower Lake

Zoige Flower Lake

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Ranked #2 in Reergai Can't Miss Attractions
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"A wetland called the natural sea son on the grassland of the Geer Dam, is the most beautiful wetland in China, which is romantic and gentle. The Geer Dam, where Huahu Lake lies, is the second largest grassland in China after the Hulunbuir Prairie, with an elevation of 3,468 meters. The lake looks like a toner that falls over in July and August. Walking on the wooden plank in the wetland, if you are in Andersen's fairy tale world, fresh, lovely, funny life. Huahu Lake is the main habitat of many wild birds. Swans, black-necked cranes, Tibetan mastiffs, terns, vultures, eagles, marmots, foxes, prairie rats and rabbits ...... as the wildlife peculiar to the alpine wetlands, they grow and live freely here day after day. Walking on the wooden path, the lake is flat, blue wind. Sometimes the cockroach fly past, play some water, circles, swing open. Sometimes insects, seven mouths, water, the excitement, extraordinary. The natural wetlands deep in the prairie are a race of endurance and imagination from every angle. But there is no doubt that the centripetal force of Huahu is huge, once set off, no one wants to return halfway. Go to the lake of the prairie, wait for the birds to fly back to freedom, in the sunshine and wind between the longitude and the longitude a glance in the breath to go to a prairie secret TIPS: 1. Tickets 75 yuan, 30 yuan in the scenic area traffic car (including round trip), insurance 5 yuan. 2.7The moon's Huahu is sunny, the lake is pure and beautiful, and the water is a color, like a wonderland. But before going to Huahu, it is best to pay attention to the weather. If the rain continues, some roads may be washed away and cannot be reached. At this time, the Huahu washes away lead and clothes, more like. 3. Huahu is located in the Geer Dam, belonging to the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The temperature is about 10 degrees lower than the plain. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It takes enough warm clothes to protect against cold. The sun is strong during the day, and you need to do a good job of sun protection. 4. There are visitors' paths throughout the wetland park, you can reach every attraction. The scenic spot is not allowed to enter the wetland without permission, which will damage the wetland environment. Please also don't destroy the wetland environment for the sake of taking pictures."