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Popular Attractions in Renhua

Mount Danxia
4,003 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Geological Sites
Mount Danxia is located in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, and is a landscape area dominated by Danxia landforms. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Mount Danxia also has a long and rich historical and cultural importance. For example, there are numerous stone cliffs and inscriptions, historic ancient cottages and stone temples, and mysterious hanging-coffin burials.
Danxia Mountain Sex Culture Museum
154 Reviews
Danxia Mountain Sex Culture Museum is a folk sex culture museum that organically combines human sex culture and natural landscape resources, and it is the "sexual health education base of Shaoguan city". There are more than 2,000 pieces of collections, which are precious and physical exhibits related to sex in the past dynasties. Danxia Mountain Sex Culture Museum is divided into 16 exhibition areas.
Danxia on the water
362 Reviews
Boat Tour
Danxia on the water is located on the south side of Yangyuan Bridge in the Danxia Mountain Scenic Area. There are various kinds of sightseeing cruises in the scenic spot. The Danxia Yangyuan Wharf on the water is mainly based on cruises. With its superior conditions and environment, it has a special geographical advantage. The convenient and fast transportation network and abundant natural resources reinterpret the new connotation of the eco-leisure vacation.
Mount Jiulong (Nine Dragons Mountain) National Forest Park
316 Reviews
Located at the junction of the central part of the Xuefeng Mountains, Mt. Jiulong National Forest Park encompasses a large area with a high level of forest coverage. With many different species of plants and animals, this "natural gene bank" is one of Southern China's characteristic natural forest areas. The park features five primary scenic spots including a large group of waterfalls, which are the most diverse, of highest altitude and heaviest waterflow of any waterfall group in Hunan Province. Rich in a wide variety of plant and animal species, the park is a huge treasure trove of biological resources. Several of the new types of angiosperms discovered in Hunan Province were first found here.

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Trip Moments

Beautiful as picturesque. I saw the ancient villages relying on the mountains and rivers, surrounded by gardens and bamboo trees, which is the best blend of human and natural ecology. I heard that there was an ancient ferry on the embankment. The people in the village were arranging bamboo rafts here, and then down the river. Now bamboo rafts have become history, but this is part of the historical life of Danxia Mountain. There is water everywhere in Xiafu, and there is aura in water. This is a place of attraction. For those who want to come to Danxia Mountain, you may wish to visit Xiafu Ancient Village. Although there is no reputation and charm of Lijiang and Zhouzhuang. But this natural kind of ancient village that does not think that it can not be transmitted through the small villages of ancient China? This is an ancient village with no artificial and rich connotations. It began in the Song Dynasty and experienced the dynasties of the dynasties. Walking into the ancient village, you will see its success and failure and honor and disgrace. [Travel Tips]: Fugu Village is under development. The surrounding scenery includes the sister mountain of Danxia Mountain, the tourist area of Bazhai, and the drifting of Xiafu Bamboo. These are the key scenes of Danxia Mountain. After the rafting of Xia Fu Zhuyu, you passed through the ancient village. You can go to the ancient village and take a turn. [Address]: Xiafu Village, Renhua County, Shaoguan City [Tickets]: Xiafu Ancient Village, no tickets are required for the time being. Tickets for the surrounding projects, such as Xiafu Bamboo Rafting, are 100 yuan, and tickets for the Bazhai Tourist Area are 60 yuan.
Posted: 24 Feb, 2019
turned 5 cars, finally arrived at the destination, Danxiashan Danxia Impression Chain Inn, is this training my thinking logic ability? When I came to Danxia Impression Main Store, I felt that I was back to Xiamen Gulangyu. It was small and fresh, and the colors were so beautiful that the number of people here could not be counted. Such a familiar and fresh little inn makes me laugh at the photos, simple and clear colors, send a few photos to the circle of friends, when a pseudo-literary youth. This, the man started to install again, Danxia Impression Head Office has activities at 9:00 pm, introduce I sing one more and then step down, haha. There is also a courtyard behind the inn, so people dont want to leave when they sit down. It is said that the owner of this shop is a beautiful woman who loves to travel, and is quite famous in the local area. Tossing a day is also tired, dinner is also eaten in Danxiashan Danxia Impression Chain Inn (head office), the speed of serving. The taste is a bit too light, Danxia impression vegetarian dishes, when you are tired, eat vegetarian dishes, simple, vegetarianism, in fact, my life was originally very simple. Just embarked on this no return. [Travel Tips]: Now that Shaoguan Station has opened a special line to Danxia Mountain, it has only recently opened, so the past is much more convenient. Do you think this is over? Also, there is a wooden bus from the Guandong Station to Danxia Mountain, 16 yuan, about 40 minutes. Sleeping in the car, almost all of it, but don't sleep.
Posted: 12 May, 2019
When it comes to Shaoguan, everyone must be particularly familiar with Danxia Mountain. Nature's ingenious work has created Danxia, just like the one that Danxiamei sang. No matter who went there, they are immersed in it. Danxia Mountain is the world's "Danxia Landform" named after the "colors such as , ", featuring Chibi Danya. [Yang Yuanshi] The world's first strange stone, the heavens and the earth have yin and yang points, there are men and women in the world, here to reach the realm of harmony between man and nature. [Yunya Cliff Road] Dengyang Yuanshan, the traces of the years are recorded on the rock wall. It is a tens of thousands of years of accumulation that can present the present color. Nearly 90 degrees of the ladder, enjoy the danger here. [Xiemei Village] was built here to avoid the war. [] The sides are all cliffs and the challenge of the brave. [Elder Peak] Do not climb the Elder Peak, come to Danxia Mountain [Tea Peak] and Barzhai parallel, you can choose to board the observation deck on the Bazhai Mountain or overlook the teapot peak. Compared with the Jiujiu Ladder, the Bazhai Mountain is steeper. It is undoubtedly the treasure land of the ancient times when it avoids the war and the bandits. It is worthy of the fortress of northern Guangdong. Transportation: There is a Danxia tourist bus from Shaoguan East Station to Danshan Mountain Xinshan Gate. There is a free shuttle bus to the mountain location. Large ticket: 150 yuan, there are cable tickets in the scenic area, cruise tickets, bamboo rafting, etc., additional charges are required.
Posted: 23 Dec, 2018
Danxia Mountain Bazhai Bamboo Rafting Wharf is located in the upper section of Jinjiang River in Danxia Mountain. The bamboo rafting process of Danxia Mountain is from Sister Peak to Guanyin Mountain. The whole journey is 6.5 kilometers, which takes about one and a half hours. Remember to wear a life jacket when you are on the boat, don't take it off. I heard that I have to go into the winter. After a rain, the temperature in Shaoguan plummeted and the air smelled like this. In the morning mist, there was still the little raindrops last night. The boat slowly crossed and broke the tranquility of the water. I think we must be here first, the fresh air, let me take a deep breath. . It is not an easy task to take a bamboo raft in the morning. I want to enjoy the beautiful pastoral scenery in the western part of Danxia Mountain. The pretty sisters are going to pay the price. The temperature of 8.9 degrees can make the little friends freeze, and they must hold on. Lightweight bamboo rafts move slowly on the turquoise water. More than an hour of bamboo rafting makes me feel the magical charm of Danxia Mountain. Danxia Mountain boy worship Guanyin, added a light reduction mirror to the lens, ND1000, 15 seconds, come one. [Travel Tips]: Prepare a few warm clothes when you take the bamboo raft, because the temperature in the morning is a bit cold. Anyway, I am frozen and my fingers are red. For myself, be sure to wear a life jacket. Don't take it off midway, sit still and don't go too far when taking pictures. [Address]: Upper Danjiang Mountain Jinjiang / hc/ [ticket]: FIT: 100 yuan; team: 90 yuan; children: 50 yuan.
Posted: 12 May, 2019
After walking for more than 8k steps, I finally saw the highest peak of Danxia Mountain - Bazhai, 619 meters above sea level, is the "Mount Everest" of Danxia Mountain. The area here is wide and the mountains are high. Among the 27 peaks with an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, the area has 20 seats, and Bazhai is undoubtedly the tallest. Lunch and friends are coming up together. Its not easy. After going so far, Im so hungry. Im also gorging and eating, I cant manage that much, garbage. Remember to put it in a plastic bag and take it down the mountain to keep the original scenery of the Bazhai scenic spot. is the teapot peak opposite the Bazhai. The tripod on the shelf takes a time-lapse photography, which is the video of the article switch, with the newly bought SLR. Shooting time-lapse photography, both of them are distressed. After all, time-lapse photography is a very shutter-like thing. It looks like a teapot from afar, standing in the mountains. I have practiced, every month's wading in the mountains, 20 kilograms of photographic equipment is not white back, this year also signed up for the 2016 full marathon, youth is full of passion, Young people do more things they like, and when they are old, they can't move. Sitting in the evening and returning to the place where I stayed today: the original color inn, a girl waiting for the bus on the side of the road, a puppy inadvertently walked into the picture. [Travel Tips]: The road in Bazhai is relatively far away. It is still challenging for ordinary people. All of them need to go on foot, there is no sightseeing car and no cable car up the mountain. There is no shop inside, so take more water and water, of course, you should remember to bring it out, and then pay attention to forest fire prevention. [Address]: The edge of Danxia Mountain Scenic Spot in Hongshi Park, China [Tickets]: The team promotion price is 40 yuan/person; individual customers are 60 yuan/person.
Posted: 12 May, 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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