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Top Things to do In Renhua 2021



1,883 things to do found in Renhua
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Yunmen Mountain Natural Scenic AreaNearby City

Yunmen Mountain Natural Scenic Area

4.5/51,475 Reviews
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Yunmen Mountain Scenic Area, located near Yunmen Temple, is a new scenic area developed in recent years, but as a Shaoguan people or the first time, by the way to feel the scenic area is not fun. Transportation: It is convenient to drive here by yourself, the road is good, whether it is convenient to take Leguang Expressway or Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Expressway. The parking lot of the scenic spot is quite big and there are quite a lot of parking spaces, but there are not many tourists. You can rest assured that the tickets for the parking lot are not included in anything if you only buy the tickets for the scenic spot. You can walk by your feet all the time and pay for the tickets for the items at your own expense. Recommended to buy: Tickets + one-way cableway + cloud view (glass bridge), and buy a separate elevator ticket to sit down on the mountain. Because there are many self-funded projects in the scenic spot, so the places that should be replenished with tickets have QR code. If you want to play, you can pay for the special experience: the special items of the scenic spot, mobile games at the foot of the mountain, aquarium, zoo, these are necessary to buy additional tickets. After the mountain is the glass bridge, the elevator of the cloud on the waterfall, the sky mirror, and the newly developed high-altitude bicycle, walking breathtaking, high-altitude swing tips: Tour advice: one-way cableway up the mountain, the sky mirror punches in the after the mountain, and then walk for a few minutes to the glass bridge. The glass bridge is one-way and can not go back. After the past can see their own situation plus money play the swing and step by step panic. After that, you can sit down on the elevator and hike down halfway up the mountain. If you can catch the performance of the Guojia, you can watch it and then go to the restaurant: there are 2 restaurants at the foot of the mountain that can eat powder, the price will be more expensive than outside, but the one opposite the peacock park will be cheaper. There is only one place to play in the alcove above the ropeway station: about 4 hours is enough"
Nanhua TempleNearby City

Nanhua Temple

4.6/5679 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 67 reviews
8:00-17:00 (Local time)
"Nanhua Temple is a place worth going to. First of all, we need to pay attention to the public number of Nanhua Temple in WeChat, make an appointment to visit the temple. The car is also very convenient. There is a bus directly to Nanhua Temple. I am from Shaoguan East Station. Because it is Junichi, so more people than usual. Measure the temperature at the door, show the reservation information and the green code of Yikang code, wear a mask, you can go in and buy the ticket, the ticket price is 20 yuan, need to pay in cash. The entrance to the ticket office was first shocked by the buildings and the trees, all looked so chronological, the ticket had a basic map, the entrance also had a guide map, you can refer to it, there are even arrow marks on the ground, follow basically right. Some staff will tear off the ticket, also will send three free incense, but can only in the door incense fire place, more to the inside of the courtyard can not bring lighted incense candles, in case of fire, some monks dorm visitors stop oh. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the tour, the main attractions are: Caoximen, Tianwang Baodian, Grand Baodian, Lingzhao Tower, Tibetan Jingge, ancestral hall, Jiulongquan, ancestral Buddha Hall and so on. There are also some ancient trees, the branches are tall and thick, the branches are curved and extended, the leaves are green and the leaves are yellow, the buildings and plants are very age-like, it is simply amazing. Especially the grandeur of the architecture and the fineness of the detail carved in the Tibetan sutra, for a long time in your time, because the breeze blowing the dead leaves of the bodhi tree on the roof, and the pigeons flew in and out, the breeze slowly, the leaves flew, beautiful. There are pigeons 🕊️, cats 🐱, turtles 🐢, brocade and other small creatures. Cats are not afraid of people at all."
Zhuji LaneNearby City

Zhuji Lane

3.9/5332 Reviews
"Featured Neighbourhood"
Open from 1/1-12/31,7:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Traveling to Nanxiong, I came to the Zhuji Ancient Alley Scenic Area, originally named Jingzong Alley. The total length of the scenic spot is about 1,500 meters. The pavement is paved with cobblestones. The ancient post road runs through the lane. The three gate towers in the lane were built in the early Qing Dynasty. Inside the south gate is an ancient tower of Yuan Dynasty called "Hufei Tower", which is Guangdong The only ancient pagoda of the Yuan Dynasty that can be dated, built in 1350, is made of 17 finely carved red sandstones. Zhuji Ancient Alley is the only ancient road in the Song Dynasty in Guangdong. It is known as the "First Alley in Guangdong". There are still a number of cultural relics and historic sites such as ancient buildings, towers, ancient banyans and ancient architectural ruins of different dynasties in the alley. Attractions. It starts from Phoenix Bridge in the north and ends at Sima Bridge in the south. There are now more than 20 residents, more than 320 households, and more than 1,400 people in the lane. Zhuji Ancient Alley is one of the three root-seeking places in China. It is known as the "Chinese Cultural Station" and the roots of Guangfu in the world. It is an important commercial town from the ancient Central Plains and Jiangnan to the ancient post road in Lingnan, and it is also a city of tens of millions of Cantonese people today. As well as the birthplace and ancestral home of overseas Chinese, there have been 183 surnames that have been relocated from Zhuji Ancient Alley. When you enter the ancient alley, locals will immediately surround you. At first you will only feel that they are more enthusiastic and show you "Free" to introduce the various history of ancient alleys, as well as historical sites, ancient culture, etc. When you listen to them, they will ask you what your surname is, and then take the initiative to take you to the ancestral hall, to the entrance of the ancestral hall , Immediately hand over the candles and incense on the hand, and then go in and worship the ancestors. After you come out, you will be charged. Every ancestral hall can be lighted by firecrackers. The price varies according to the size. A large number of them cost hundreds of yuan. I bought two bunches and came out after paying respects to our ancestors. There were a lot of small firecrackers on the ground. Suddenly, a group of old women who appeared from nowhere, everyone said that we should also buy hers and put them directly in the big The firecrackers are not taken away." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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