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Flaming Mountains
42 of us went to the Passenger Transportation Center near downtown Turpan thinking they have a public bus to Flaming Mountains (Hua Yan Shan) but they don't. They have 4 seated cars. We paid 20 Yuan per person. On the way the driver took 2 more passengers. After scanning our bags, they took our passports to register. They asked how we arrived and we showed them the car driver's name card. Off we walked to the ticket office. 40 Yuan each. We walked through an exhibition hall with pictures and statues about the place. We walked outside and took a donkey cart for 60 Yuan per person. They brought us to the stone having the Huayan Shan wording and 3 flags to take photos. We wanted to climb up the mountain for better view but they said it is not allowed. I guess buying one way donkey cart were better as we could walk far away from the signage stone for more photos. We felt we should not let them wait too long so we came back after about 15 minutes. Saw the frames holding eggs for sale in the day time heat but we didn't buy. There's a huge indicator in a round shape oven showing 44.5 C degrees. It was hot outdoor as we was there around 1 to 2 pm but if there's a shadow, I feel cool.We saw a large signage board about Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves on the main street near Exit gate so we walked there waiting for a taxi. The security staff saw us and offered to call us a taxi for 25 Yuan each. Off we went. After the visit, a car back to our hotel in downtown Turpan cost us 100 Yuan (2 of us).