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Reviews about Guangdong Provincial Museum

Reviewed on 3 Jun, 2020

廣東省博物館位於廣州的新中軸線上,就在花城廣場上。免費不免票,可以提前預約,也可以現場用身份證兌換参觀券。這是本次長途旅行中最後一家非常有趣的博物館,前兩家分別為深圳博物館和香港歷史博物館,將文物、標本、圖片、雕塑、裸眼3D技術融合於一起,讓你時刻置身其中,感覺自己在不停地穿越時空身臨其境。整個博物館面積很大,分很多展廳,参觀需要一兩個小時。裏面介紹了民俗,去年在上下九步行街上也看見了關於雞公欖的介紹。這個展區介紹和展覽了天然寶石和人造寶石,種類繁多,滿眼bling bling亮晶晶。一直参觀到閉館時間到,被工作人員清場,戀戀不舍地離開了廣東省博物館,此時剛才還人山人海的博物館門口方才寂靜下來。


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Reviewed on 2 Jul, 2018
I like to visit museums. Every time I go to a city, it is necessary to visit the local museums. I am fascinated by the magical historical stories and beautiful cultural relics and works of art. To the east of the central axis of Guangzhou's Pearl River New Town, a four-sided, transparent grey building, like a moonlight treasure box, stands between skyscrapers, looking reserved and calm. The shape of Guangdong Museum looks square and square, but it is also scattered and unique. It has Chinese flavor. It is like a work of art built up by large and small square boxes. The bottom is hanging around. Each layer of window glass and red border form many flaming windows. It is like hollowed ivory carvings, full of mystery. Line up at the entrance to collect tickets, pass security checks and enter the museum. The museum is divided into two parts: the basic exhibition and the temporary exhibition. It seems that the collection of the basic exhibition hall is on the third and fourth floors, mainly displaying the long Lingnan culture and Guangdong history, nature and so on. Walking up to the third floor along the broad building ladder, we visited Chaozhou Wood Carving Art Exhibition Hall, Duanyan Art Exhibition Hall, Ceramic Exhibition Hall and Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Hall. Among them, the Chaozhou Wood Carving Art Exhibition vividly restores the halls, bedrooms, study and other scenes of traditional Chaoshan dwellings, reproduces the display and application of wood carving products in Chaoshan folk traditional social life, and shows the unique non-legacy works of art in the country. On the fourth floor is the exhibition hall of Guangdong history and culture. A huge arc map of Guangdong, more than 8 meters high and more than 20 meters long, is shocking. The innumerable small pictures with Lingnan architectural features embedded in them bring people into the brilliant and glorious Lingnan historical river for thousands of years. Through rich exhibition means such as cultural relics, pictures, oil paintings, sculptures, models, multimedia and restoring scenes, this paper introduces the historical changes of Guangdong from the Maba Man period to the founding of New China in an all-round way, focusing on the highlights of Guangdong's ethnic history, overseas trade history, overseas Chinese history and revolutionary history. Then the natural resources exhibition of Guangdong Province is divided into seven thematic exhibitions: geology, landform, minerals, gems, Chinese herbal medicine, terrestrial wildlife, marine life and paleontology. It shows the general picture of natural resources of Guangdong from various angles and sets a precedent for setting up the basic exhibition of natural resources in provincial comprehensive museum. Inside the pavilion, "Hong Kong T-shirt Culture" is on display, and visitors are flocking to the pavilion. However, some exhibition halls of the museum are being maintained behind closed doors. The treasure of the museum town only sees the Chaozhou golden lacquer wood carving shrine "Yongqing Hall", the stone-bearing Thousand Golden Monkey Wang Yan, the blue and white figure jade pot and spring vase in Jingdezhen kiln. Others do not see the exhibition, which is a pity. Know a city, the museum gives you the answer. Each museum is a gift of history to the city and the people. It is an open lecture hall for people to understand history and the future. They are all waiting for you to answer all kinds of questions. Wouldn't you like to come and see them? is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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