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Reviews about Matterhorn

Reviewed on 26 May, 2020

馬特洪峰觀賞的線路一共有4條,其中有的線路需要坐纜車上去,有的線路是坐小火車。1. Matterhorn glacier paradise,全程分三段,全部是纜車上下,到頂就是著名的小馬特洪觀景台。這條路線是所有觀賞馬特洪峰的路線中離馬特洪峰最近的一條,不過我沒有上到頂,因為我只想去Schwarzsee。我看地圖上標示,在小馬特洪下面那一站叫Trockener Steg的那個地方也有幾個湖,而且標示有hiking的路線,不知道有沒有弟兄去過。2.Schwarzsee paradise,這條線路前半段到Furi是和第一條線路Matterhorn glacier paradise相同的,只是在Furi在換纜車去各自的目的地,我在那兒換纜車到頂Schwarzsee paradise,我要說的重點是,Schwarzsee也很漂亮,但是由於地理位置原因,絕對反射不出馬特洪峰的倒影,不過可以倒影周圍其它的雪山,可惜我是下午上去的,雖然天氣非常好,但是上山已經起風了,湖面上有波浪,周圍的雪山沒有倒影出來,不過上面風景還是很不錯的,我後來還一直往上沿着懸崖走了半個多小時,一直上到了一幢廢舊的小房子那裡,在那兒看馬特洪峰就在自己面前,非常震撼,如果有時間的話還可以一直往上到達H鰎nlihütte,那邊海拔是3260米,就真的在馬特洪峰的山腳下了,想必更加震撼,可惜我要趕末班的纜車下去,所以沒有繼續上去,有興趣的朋友可以去看看,那段山路不是很好走,但是應該不會有大問題,很多老外都上去了。3.Gonergrat,這條路線全程都是小火車,到頂大概40分鐘左右,沿途一直可以看到馬特洪峰,建議去的時候坐在火車頭方向的右邊,路上可以打開窗戶拍攝馬特洪峰。這條路線上的Riffelsee是我覺的倒影馬特洪峰最好的一個湖,而且那邊遊客非常多,大部分人都是遊覽完這個湖就接着往下hiking了。我是一早上的Gonergrat頂,然後再往下坐一站在Rotenboden下來,走大概15分鐘就到了湖邊,當時已經是上午快11點了,但是不知道為什麼居然沒有起風,湖面非常平靜,不知道是不是周圍的山擋掉了風,回來后我一直都很詫異為什麼那個湖居然湖面那麼平靜,而我後來去的那些湖再也沒有這麼平靜的湖面。而且在Riffelsee邊無論照人還是照景都很合適。這是我最推薦的一個照馬特洪峰倒影的湖,後來我發現很多明信片也是在這裏照的,確實非常漂亮,要是有條件在那兒過一夜,清晨起來拍攝馬特洪峰的日出更加漂亮。


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Reviewed on 26 Mar, 2018
Compared with Jungfrau Peak, Matterhong Peak's unique shape is more impressive, such a mountain represents a country is indeed worthy of it. It is suggested that I stay at Zermatt for at least one night. I stay for two nights and stay for one night after arrival. The next day, I go to the observation deck by train. The third day, I stroll around the town of Zermatt and then leave. Zermatt is a very lovely town, beautiful, well-equipped, town can directly see Matterhong Peak, brush your teeth and wash your face downstairs in the morning can wait for sunshine Jinshan. Every time I think about the time I spent in Zermatt, I think it's wonderful. Matterhong's tour can be either by cable car or by train. The two ways to see the place are different. It is said that the cable car will arrive closer to the top of the mountain, and there is a glacier paradise. I chose the train because I wanted to take a reflection. Train tickets can be discounted by Swiss pass, and the whole train journey can basically see Matterhorn Peak, just like driving around him. I was very excited to take pictures all the way on the bus. Others on the bus were not surprised. The Swiss grandmothers took out bottles and cups directly on the train and chatted with each other. Who would not envy the happiness of life. Seeing the reflection, Rotenboden got off at the penultimate stop. A brake machine brushed tickets in and out, and there would be a toilet in and out. It's so beautiful to say it out loud. The whole world is still. It's good to shoot a reflection in time for the air to be steady and windless in the morning. I arrived there at noon that day, but the lake is like a mirror. It's lucky and happy that the lake is motionless all afternoon, including the whole afternoon. The surrounding snow mountains are also extremely beautiful. In the first lake, there are aquatic plants and fish. In September, the aquatic plants are green and yellow. Tourists usually take pictures in this lake. After the shooting, there will be a smaller lake, no water and grass, few tourists, and the reflection will be more quiet. If you have time, you can continue to walk in. After that, you can take a small train to climb the top, but I feel that the view of Matterhorn at the terminal is not as good as that of the penultimate station, which is pushed by the penultimate station. But the terminal can see the glacier, very close, and the glacier is more impressive than the Girl Peak. Switzerland is a must-miss tourist country, while Matterhong Peak is a must-miss stop for Switzerland. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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