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Reviews about Natural History Museum

Reviewed on 2 Jun, 2020

自然歷史博物館(Natural History Museum)位於倫敦南肯辛頓區,與科學博物館、維多利亞與艾爾伯特博物館比鄰,離海德公園和肯辛頓公園不遠,步行15分鐘即可到Harrods購物。所以,在這一區可以泡上整整一天時間。 自然歷史博物館形似中世紀大教堂,有近300年歷史,和旁邊的維多利亞與艾爾伯特博物館一樣,都是維多利亞式建築,外觀相當華美,外牆、窗戶和內部的雕花細膩精美,令人驚嘆,十分吸引眼球!博物館是歐洲最大的自然歷史博物館,總建築面積為4萬多平方米,館內大約藏有世界各地的7000多萬件標本,從達爾文研究進化論時收集的樣品到侏羅紀時代的恐龍化石,以及各類動植物、地質標本等;其中,昆蟲標本有2800萬件。博物館介紹博物館維多利亞式的建築宛如一座大教堂,所以它還被稱為“自然大教堂”。 自然歷史博物館也是親子游的熱門打卡點,每天早上10點至下午5點50分免費開放。暑期期間,遊客十分多,分別可以從正門和側門排隊進入。博物館的地圖是要1磅購買,有提供餐飲,有提供英文講解,所以可以安心地泡上一整天。 博物館的大廳很氣派,很震撼,還很面熟。如果看過《帕丁頓熊》、《博物館奇妙夜3》等電影的小夥伴,一定會記得這個場景。現場的視覺震撼,是難以用文字來形容的,一定要親身來感受一下!


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Reviewed on 2 Dec, 2016
Find the side door of the Museum of Natural History. Although the opening time has passed, there are still many visitors waiting in line for security checks. It is said that there are more visitors queuing at the main entrance. We queued for about 20 minutes to enter this free museum. Because it was through the side door, we visited the Earth Geology Exhibition first. There is no Chinese guide, plus our own knowledge in this area is relatively poor, so it is basically a fog. What impresses us here is all kinds of animal fossils and special geological stones, among which all-inclusive animal fossils should be the most variety we have ever seen in our life, while special geological stones shocked us in their strange forms. There are many interactive projects in the exhibition hall of the museum. Some children brought by their parents enjoy themselves here. Maybe they don't know what it is, but some knowledge comes into their minds in play. In addition to the volcanic eruption, there is an introduction to earthquakes, and even a dynamic experience of the Kobe earthquake in Japan. Although standing in a small supermarket setting is not a very strong feeling of space, but there are video replays near the image of the 2011 earthquake in Japan. From the first floor to the third floor, the exhibition hall is very rich in content, we can only rush through the grass tour. Then we came to the hall at the main entrance of the museum. On the way through the hall was the exhibition hall of large marine organisms and animal fossils. Once again, we were shocked by the huge fossils on the walls. When we arrived at the hall and saw the magnificent palace like a church, we were simply shocked by sight and soul. The whole museum is quite beautiful both inside and outside. The exterior walls and windows, together with the carvings in the interior, are exquisite and amazing. The interior of this Victorian building looks like a cathedral. No wonder people call it "Natural Cathedral". It is said that the museum has 20 large exhibition halls, including botany, entomology, mineralogy, Paleontology and zoology, and many collections have great historical and scientific value. This is the sacred palace of the exhibition of natural history. In addition to increasing knowledge, people here understand the importance of knowledge to human beings. In the hall of the museum, there is a huge model of Lianglong skeleton. There are also some huge exhibits around it. One of them is a stone made of wood. Upstairs on both sides of the hall we saw the magnificence of this natural cathedral, with Darwin on one side of the staircase and huge tree rings on the other. This hall is a palace worth appreciating and tasting from that angle, from micro to macro. Even if there is no content of the exhibition, it will take a lot of time to appreciate both inside and outside the building, let alone the rich collection exhibition here. We reserved less than three hours, apparently not enough, so we finally hurried past the most popular dinosaur exhibition hall and left the Museum of Natural History from the main exit. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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