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Zhulong Mount

Zhulong Mount

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Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Zhulong Mountain Scenic Area Zhulong Mountain is very close to Wujiatai. I heard that many villagers from Wujiatai go to the springs on this mountain to fetch water from the springs. People will go to the temples on Zhulong Mountain to pray for blessings during the Chinese New Year, but many tourists come to play. I didn't know this mountain waiting silently by the sea, so we visited this mountain and its temples nearby. There are large orchards at the bottom of the mountain, the trees are full of fruits, and some branches stick out of the fence, which is very attractive. The scenic area is very large, and all of them are winding mountain roads. Hiking will be crazy, so you must drive up the mountain, definitely! As long as there are two peaks in Zhulong Mountain Scenic Area, there is a legend about these two peaks: there were three dragons in the ancient world, two blue dragons, and one white dragon. White dragons are fierce by nature, and often go down to the earth to harm the people. After Qinglong learned of it, he decided to help the world and went down to earth. After Qinglong met Bailong, he fought for a few days and nights, and finally beat Bailong away. Qinglong was afraid that the white dragon would return, so he turned into two huge mountains in the world, this is Zhulong Mountain. Then one of these two peaks is the mountain with the theme of Fengshen Bang we are climbing now, and the other is the mountain with temples where people come to pray."