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Temple of Prince GuangrenNearby City

Temple of Prince Guangren

4.6/512 Reviews
"Historical Site"
"In the early year of Raiders Community there is no Guangren Wang Temple as an attraction, and the application for adding the audit failed. Now it has finally been found. One of the four Tang Dynasty wooden structures that exist in the world, so the treasure of the world is not visited by anyone, it is really not enough propaganda. I read the "China National Geography" Yellow River and Loess Plateau album before I know the Guangren Wang Temple in Rucheng County. In honor of the dragon king Guangren, the locals built this temple in the Tang Dynasty, which survived for thousands of years, and lived longer than the many times larger buildings in history. There is a stage to Guangren Temple, built in the Qing Dynasty, for Guangren King's performance, is also cultural relics. In addition to the building, there are two Tang monuments behind the temple, the same is a national treasure class cultural relics, and two Qing monuments. The restored Guangren Temple in 2016 does not look like the old buildings, but the building is well preserved in shape and the dougong structure, with a layer of stone on the floor, the panels and courtyard walls very modern museum design, several models and detailed panels to introduce many of the old buildings Architectural knowledge. The old grandfather who was caring was very enthusiastic and took us to explain to us. Guangren Temple is located in the northwest of Yongle Palace. It takes another 5 minutes to drive. It is highly recommended that visitors to Yongle Palace take another half hour to see Guangren Temple. Each point has a QR code, WeChat scan QR code guide."