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Yoki Huang
I don't remember visiting the buildings of the first few old towns. I live in this white building. Pushing open the door, it was very quiet, only an old couple sitting in a chair whispered softly. The venue is not big, but it is surprisingly pure. The white simple decoration has a bit of high and solemn artistic temperament. When the last pair of visitors left, when the sun was thrown into the hall, my husband and I had a naughty heart, or else, dance in the hall! Let us hug each other, I gently follow your toes, the dance floor. This will be the most romantic travel moment for each other, and we will remember the memories of the night when we are old. I can live in Salzburg in this life and I can often come to the concert.
Posted: 25 Dec, 2018
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Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
Austria travel | Mozart hometown Salzburg Raiders If you want to mention a city that can be linked to music, it must be Austria's Salzburg. This is the hometown of Mozart. It is the location of the sound of film music. It is backed by the Alps, the beautiful scenery and the amazing history and culture. It is a must-see city. Salzburg Salzburg is located in the western part of Austria and is the oldest city in Austria. The city's architectural style is dominated by Baroque. The Old Town can also find many shops named after Mozart, some are chocolate balls, some are souvenirs, and Mozart refrigerator stickers and Mozart cartoon dolls. This city has become the music of everyone because of Mozart. A place of pilgrimage. must visit: Salzburg Cathedral Den Salzburg can take the cable car. Standing down on the fortress, the cathedral, various houses, Mozart Square and other buildings have a panoramic view. On the other side, the Alps stand here. From the fortress of Salzburg, walk to Salzburg Cathedral, the first baroque church on the north side of the Alps. In the afternoon, different folk musicians will be heard. Food Hutong: Getreidegasse is the most popular place in Salzburg's Old Town. It is a famous pedestrian street in the old city. It is not only a historical street but also an old town. The busiest shopping street. The hutong is not wide, and there are high and narrow shops on both sides. Whether it is a coffee shop or a brand store, the door is also decorated with exquisite carved metal signs. Mozart House: An inconspicuous yellow building is the famous Mozart's Birthplace, located in the beige 6-storey building on No. 9 Grain Hutong. On the first floor of the small building, there is a word "Mozart Museum" engraved on the top of the arch, and Mozart's head relief is on the top. There are so many tourists who need tickets for going upstairs. : Mirabell Palace was built in 1606 by the Archbishop of Salzburg, Wolf Dietrich. Originally designed for his mistress and his 15 children, the palace and the garden are geometrically symmetrical. From the window of the palace, you can see the Salz Castle on the Salzach River. - That is the seat of the bishop. Salzburg Iron Bridge: Through the Mirabell Gardens to the old town, past the Salzach. With a total length of 225 km, the Salz River is the longest and largest tributary of the Rhine. The river passes through Salzburg and divides the city into two halves. Half of the old city, half of the new city, the Mirabell Palace that was previously used is located in the new city. Many hanging lover locks on the iron bridge. St. Peter's Cemetery: is definitely the most beautiful garden cemetery, where the "Celebrity gathering place" of Salzburg was buried. St. Peter's Cemetery is more like a quiet garden. It is called "the most beautiful cemetery in the world." The exquisite carved cross on the tombstone guards the cemetery, blessing the dead and resting in peace and peace. Hand Mozart Chocolate Ball: Speaking of Mozart chocolate balls, if you see red-based packaging, it is not authentic Mozart handmade chocolate, authentic silver paper blue label Packaged. Available at the Cafe-Konditorei Furst coffee shop, the handmade Mozart chocolate balls are 7.5 Euros/bags in 5 pieces, which is a local speciality in Salzburg and cannot be found in other Austrian cities or airports. Transportation: Tour Salzburg: Recommended walking + bus bus: short-distance ticket 1.3 Euro (maximum of 2 stations only), unlimited number of stations One-way fare is 2.4 Euro. Buy tickets at the bus driver or at a ticket vending machine at a large station. You can also purchase a 24-hour day ticket, 5.3 Euro/sheet, and the ticket starts counting 24 hours from the first ticketing time.
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