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Botanical Garden
Yaoyong Botanical GardenNearby City

Yaoyong Botanical Garden

4.4/553 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
Ranked #5 in Guiyang Spectacular Cherry Blossoms
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Guiyang Medical Botanical Garden has two doors. The west gate is on the south road of Shachong. The east gate is on the road of the new village. It is convenient to enter and exit the park by scanning the code. The ticket is only three yuan. It is very cost-effective. The park area is not small, and after upgrading it becomes very suitable for play. The park has two large lawns, one at the entrance to the west gate, and azaleas on the edge of the lawn, in March and April to bloom azaleas very beautiful, the other lawn on the top of the hill, larger, more flat and open, can play on the lawn kite, is a very good leisure. There is also a large lotus pond inside the park, there are rockery piles beside the lotus pond, there is a wind and rain bridge, a pavilion, a flower frame pavilion, very suitable for summer to take a walk. The park is decorated with a large number of theme parks, with a variety of medicinal plants as the theme, a combination of sightseeing and learning. There is also a tea house in the park, you can come to the tea house at leisure time to drink tea. There is also an indoor tennis court in the park, there are four courts, the price is fair, parking is convenient, very suitable for tennis players to meet at the weekend. There is also a Guiyang City Medicinal Botanical Museum, a youth science and popular botanical garden, very suitable for children to study to visit. Overall the Botanical Garden is well worth a visit and the 3 yuan entrance fee is definitely worth the money."