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About Santorini

Next to the Parthenon in Athens, the famous blue church domes on Santorini Island are instantly recognizable. Set high above the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a timeless wonder. The cliffs drop down some 300 m, making the towns and buildings seem precariously perched close to the sheer edge. A central lagoon formed when the volcanic caldera collapsed in a massive eruption some 3600 years ago. Today Santorini is a renowned tourist destination. Quaint villages and Mediterranean architecture make for stunning photos. The sunsets are incredible and temperatures remain pleasant even in the high summer months. Well-connected to the rest of Greece, Santorini is a near paradise on Earth and should be on any traveler’s bucket list.

Popular Attractions in Santorini

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Santorini is famous for its blue domed churches, white buildings, volcanic beaches, and stunning views over the Aegean Sea. The small romantic town of Oia has one of the world's most spectacular sunsets. Visitors can go for a donkey ride through the narrow hillside streets and experience local life.
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The town of Oia is the second largest town in Santorini. The blue and white church and traditional windmills are landmarks known worldwide. The blue and white buildings against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea create a gorgeous scene full of romance that attracts honeymooners from all across the globe. In addition to the iconic architecture, many visitors also come here to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets. In the evening, people gather to watch the sunset from a viewing point as the sun slowly sinks into the Aegean Sea. When only a single sliver of sunlight remains, the viewing point erupts into applause as yet another gorgeous sunset comes to an end.
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The town of Fira is the capital of Santorini, built on the edge of the volcano on the western part of the island. The walls of the town houses are all painted white and dark blue , blending in with the sky and ocean. The scenery is truly spectacular. Fira is not only a traditional residential settlement, but also a commercial and tourism center of Santorini. It is home to many small hotels and offers convenient transportation to the towns of Oia, Black Beach and Red Beach. It is considered a transit hub for the island.
Virgin Mary Catholic Church
297 Reviews
The Virgin Mary Catholic Church and accompanying Three Bells of Fira are much-photographed landmarks in Fira on Santorini Island. A famous location for wedding photos, the church features an immaculate white facade and beautiful blue domes. The current structure was built in 1757, and refurbished and expanded multiple times over the centuries. The contrast between the white buildings and the blue waters surrounding Santorini is unforgettable. The church is set high on volcanic cliffs and almost seems to float aloft. The spectacular scenery makes for amazing photos!

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Trip Moments

Santorini's life-long blue and white main attractions are the three blue-roofed churches of the Oia town. The best location for the sunset, the cliffs of the best cave hotel and anything in town of Santorini. This town is also a transportation hub. If you do not rent a car or charter a bus, you should sit here and book a place. Get a good place at a restaurant. The restaurant with a great view with the sunset needs to be booked in advance because of the heavenly views. It seems that there are many people waiting in Oia town every day. At the end of the sunrise and sunset, everyone is applauding and celebrating.
Posted: 14 Jun, 2019
Yoki Huang   
On the third day in Santorini, we took the bus to the town of Fira. In fact, when I got there, I suddenly felt like it. Oia is Bai Fumei, there are countless excellent small scenes, small buildings, and beautiful art shops. The Fira atmosphere is free and easy and the sea view is excellent, due to the high terrain. The view of the town from the trail was stunning. What I saw was a human kingdom between the cliffs and the white clouds. For my part, I like Fira more, the only reason is because I live in Oia. I will always remember this day in Fira. 
Posted: 23 Dec, 2018
Lemon Zhao   
Santorini, the perfect honeymoon resort places in the world, is a bright pearl on the Aegean Sea. It was the land of freedom for Plato. Here you can satisfy all your romantic imaginations: the most beautiful sunset in the world, the bluest and clear sea, the most picturesque white and dazzling houses on the cliff. Here you can be a poet and painter, depicting the colorful world of Santorini's blue and white. The quiet island of Santorini shows you how the sky and the sea are connected, and the world is in the gradient blue. The Aegean Sea shows Like it’s a romantic scene from a movie, it has a unique charm to attract everyone who has unlimited love to give. This sea blue and pure white island is immaculate and independent and can satisfy all the fantasies about fairy tales and romance.
Posted: 7 Dec, 2018
We had our honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. My favorite is Oia Town, which is the second largest town in Santorini, and has a slightly commercial flavor. Unlike the town of Fira, the main purpose of most visitors is to enjoy the sunset. It is said that there is the most beautiful sunset in the world, and you can see that "the sunset falls into the Aegean Sea."  Whenever the sun sets, visitors will always come and find a place to watch the sunset and sit quietly for an hour. Watching the sun slowly fall and disappear into the horizon, there is only a blush left on the sea. The afterglow of the whole world is quiet. Visitors can't help but clap their hands and applaud this beautiful sunset. There are two platforms on the western side of the town, one is a seaside platform similar to the beacon tower, and the other is a small square under the windmill, both of which are the best places to watch the sunset.
Posted: 6 Dec, 2018
Lemon Zhao   
The town of Oia at the northern end of Santorini has the "world's most beautiful sunset" and is also known as the most beautiful town in Greece. The town of Oia is not in accordance with the rules, and it is not suitable for reminiscence, just here, Even the wind is blowing with a fresh and romantic atmosphere. Situated on the edge of the Aegean Sea, this white cottage offers a beautiful view of the beautiful Aegean Sea. Passing through the Romanesque arches, through the layers of white cave houses, it looks like soft marshmallows, and it doesn't feel the sweetness of the mouth. The blue-hued church is always reminiscent of a white wedding dress and a white suit. Perhaps the most romantic thing is that looks like, under the blue church, the blue Aegean Sea has taken a vow.
Posted: 7 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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