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Water Park
Sanya Song Town Tourist Area

Sanya Song Town Tourist Area

3 Reviews
"Water Park"
"Ice and Snow Parks"
SenLi Photographer
"The ancient scene area of Song City in Sanya is still very large, suitable for a day trip, including ice and snow world, color zoo, as well as the theme park of ancient love, in addition to Li Village, Miao Village, Aiqing Street and other ancient architectural areas. The color zoo is small, and many colorful birds, such as peacocks, flamingos, and parrots, can be seen. There is also a large monkey garden, including many young babies, in the mother's arms with curious eyes looking out of the fence. In addition to the birds and animals, there are also giraffe, zebra, kangaroo, lion, sika deer and other mammals, indeed color zoo names. There is a snow and ice world in the scenic area, which can experience winter, divided into northern European town, ice shadow, ice cave magic sound, ice slide, ski resort and so on several plates, you can enjoy the two-day ice and fire in Sanya. The best personal feeling is ice slide. Remember to rent cotton shoes, knee pads and so on at the entrance to avoid wearing shorts and short sleeves frozen in the snow and ice world. The theme of "I go back to the Silk Road" is the main theme in the scenic area, every visitor can feel the cross dress of various characters on the Silk Road for free. Free choice of the theme of your favorite costume, whether it's a sexy Persian woman, a majestic pirate captain, or even a scorpio monk. The Song Dynasty's main scenes are the performances of the ancient times, the legendary performances of a lifetime must see, the whole performance for 1 hour, can be said to be the most wonderful part of the whole day tour of the ancient scenes. The show, which presents Sanya's legends of thousands of years ago, uses advanced sound, light, electric technology and stage machinery to co-deduce the story. - Address: Traffic Raiders: Take No. 1, No. 7, No. 9 and No. 23 buses to the Sanya's ancient scenes station; Self-driving or taxi-to-door opening hours: 12:00-21:30 Ticket price: Sanya's ancient love performance ticket includes tickets for Sanya's ancient scenes, audience seats 280 yuan, VIP seats 300 yuan, and a table deluxe sofa seat 480 yuan - small tips: ① Qianguqing performance try to choose the front row seats, In addition, the interactive seat is likely to be wet, you need to wear a raincoat to watch oh ② There are some folk performances from time to time in the scenic spot. You can see a lot of elder brothers and sisters in traditional ethnic costumes, and children and tourists around them, singing and dancing together. Especially there will be a lot of interactive programs after nightfall. ③ The whole tour of the scenic spot takes nearly one day, there are many snacks and meals in the park, and the price is reasonable. -Xiamen|France|Europe|Travel|Photography|Aerial |Late |Self-driving tour|Hotel|European language|European Photography Group|Beidou Star Cloud"
Happy Water WorldNearby City

Happy Water World

4.5/5196 Reviews
"Water Park"
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"Picture one is where you can bring kids to play inside Picture two is the one next to the green which is more exciting Picture three is the head down holding the props and sliding down etc. The place is quite big, I have been climbing the stairs all day in line but I also played all Large projects are very exciting, you can play with your family and the price/performance ratio is quite high, but generally you will rent a box to put things big 40 and small 30 you can go directly to buy the big one. Overall, it is tiring to run errands barefoot but very happy. I don’t even comment on these attractions after I just finished playing today, but when I checked, the evaluation was not very detailed and it was uncomfortable. I wanted to make up a little bit and I didn’t need to wear glasses before playing, because generally these games are not for people with glasses. Afterwards, there is hot water to take a bath but no bathing supplies. The exquisite ones can bring shower gel, shampoo, towels, or something to eat. After having fun, you will be very hungry. You need to think ahead where to eat because I have been to Atlantis. The water park, so it may not feel so pleasant in comparison, but the excitement is still there. If I have not been to other water parks before, I still think this cost-effective price is very good. The price of less than two hundred is very OK. If you want to bring PS Go in with your mobile phone and take pictures, remember to buy a mobile phone case before going, otherwise it’s expensive"