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Grand Canyon Drifting in WuzhishanNearby City

Grand Canyon Drifting in Wuzhishan

4.3/5159 Reviews
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Ranked #3 in Wuzhishan Amazing Natural Scenery
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"This is the most unexpected and perfect itinerary in Sanya! Because I rented a car this year, I found Wuzhishan signs on the highway to Haitang Bay. It turned out that when I was a child, I loved Wuzhishan and Wanquan River was 129 kilometers away from me. I searched for scenic spots such as Grand Canyon Rafting. So I decided to go, Wuzhishan has three rafting, only this grand canyon rafting is a big drift! Navigating from Shuiman Township, it turned out to be 8 kilometers to build roads, which is very difficult to walk. Fortunately, we are off-road vehicles. When we go back, the 224 National Road is much smoother. Friends who want to come use the navigation to search Wuzhishan City and then search for it. Rafting in the canyon does not need to walk the 8 kilometers of broken roads. Besides, rafting is the happiest and most exciting rafting I have ever played so far. The current is turbulent and dangerous, but the staff has prepared long bamboo poles to help you. , So although it is thrilling, it is very safe. The first two timid husbands were still screaming, and then I was playing hi. I was excited when I saw the bamboo poles above my head (the more exciting downhill). I was even more happy. Crazy, this is definitely a surprise! Some shortcomings: First of all, we are self-driving. We need to drive the car to the end of 3 kilometers and then take the scenic car to the starting point. When we arrive at the starting point, we don’t have any money with us and want to rent shoes (just paid 26 yuan for two pairs of car rental) I asked for a useless plastic bag for cigarettes, but I asked for a long time but I didn’t give it. I had to buy a regular waterproof mobile phone bag. I said a shoe-on bag would do. I'm really speechless. I just rented two pairs of shoes for 26 yuan. In fact, it was useless. I sat in the boat all the time. My sandals are the same. This is a must-rent item. I won't give you a small broken plastic bag. , Alas, the tourist from the back gave us one in the end. Doing business does not have the slightest sense of human touch. Next is the photo. First of all, the shooting staff is not very technical, and the few pairs of tourists did not shoot clearly and stimulating , And the photos should be washed from the starting point and sent to the end in a car. If you want to see the electronic version, it is too troublesome to take the car to exchange. Except for these two points, you will definitely regret if you don't come to Sanya for drifting in Wuzhishan. It is worth having!"