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Hokkaido is known as the birthplace of Japanese ramen. Here, Sapporo uses Miso, Hakodate is salty, and Asahikawa is represented by soy sauce ramen. The Sapporo Ramen Republic is located on the 10th floor of the East Department Store next to the station. It is home to several ramen shops and selects the most popular ramen noodles every year to stimulate the store to innovate and maintain its unique taste. Every buddy is very enthusiastic and recruits guests at the store. Now inside, I took a look at each menu and finally selected this white birch ramen. The Japanese eat noodles and pay attention to the soup. This face can be said to make the soup head to the extreme, drink a soup, and then eat other things can not taste, and drink water is no way, the store's solution is to eat cooked eggs to solve, and cooked eggs free unlimited supply. The meat of his family is probably the kind of pig's fan bone, the piece of bone, the feeling of bone meat. Together with bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, seaweed, black fungus. face is coming, drink soup first. The soup in the wooden spoon adds a piece of meat. The meat is characterized by a distinct layering, few fat meats, and soup and meat. The combination of Tangtouwei and meat in the mouth is the kind of feeling of entrance. After eating a cooked egg, the egg yolk helps restore the taste, then the bamboo shoots and other side dishes are greasy, and repeated until the soup is finished. At that time, the socks were soaked from the shackles, and the body was cold from the inside out. I would have eaten such a Hokkaido ramen in Sapporo. It was a memory of eating noodles in Japan.
Around Japan, "problem" is a magical existence. At the entrance of many restaurants, you can see the word "food plaques", which means "just eat, eat enough." Similar expressions include drinking questions, putting questions, taking questions and so on. The expression with "something to put a question" is actually the meaning of "casual ~" "arbitrary ~". So, can the "food recipe" be completely equivalent to the Chinese buffet? In fact, the difference is quite large. The expression of "food plaques" is made by the Japanese themselves. In Japan, restaurants with the words "food plaques" are everywhere. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is written "food plaques", people who eat can eat buffets at the specified time and price, and there is no limit to how much to eat. It's like a Chinese buffet. It is not the same. Eating Chinese buffets is free to eat any kind of food at the specified time (only some small restaurants are not subject to time limit). There is no limit to what to eat, and the Japanese food recipe is usually a certain kind of food. You can eat it casually, not just any one. This is one of the differences between the "food recipe" and the Chinese buffet. The second is that the "food restaurant" is usually a discount to customers as a promotion. The content of this offer is not fixed. Between the store and the store, there will be different contents of "food plaques" in different periods. This shop is " sushi restaurant ", the shop is "watermelon restaurant "; yesterday was " The content of "food recipes" is generally limited to one. See the words "release questions" in all parts of Japan, don't confuse with the domestic buffet. The Susukino area of Sapporo is the more exciting the night, the little lanes, and the red lanterns attract guests in the night. There is a hidden in it, the main cooking meat, and the internal organs grill. Pushing the door, wooden stairs, small private rooms, bar under warm yellow light, the feeling of being in the country is now. () Address: 064-0805 Sapporo Chuo-ku South 5 West 4 Chome Opening hours: 18
The ramen noodles in Sapporo, the sushi in Otaru, the sea urchins and crabs in Hakodate, the ingredients are fresh and the value for money is excellent. The husband's favorite is the Sapporo family of "chained birds" grilled izakaya, the price is close to the people, business is booming. String bird is a relatively large chain izakaya in Japan. The problem just mentioned is a restaurant promotion, and the izakaya is a restaurant form. Izakaya, a traditional Japanese tavern, is a restaurant that serves alcohol and meals. Originating from the Edo period, it was said that the wine shop operators initially started by offering some simple dishes in order to allow the guests to drink immediately after buying the wine. With the passage of the times, Izakaya has gradually become an indispensable part of Japanese culture, and izakaya scenes often appear in Japanese movies and TV series. Unlike ordinary pubs that offer only alcohol-based pubs, izakaya offers more quality meals, but unlike snack bars, izakaya is a Japanese-style restaurant. In the early days of Japan, only men would go to the izakaya, but later as the society became more open, the status of women increased, and the izakaya was also chained. Women entered the izakaya, and the izakaya also considered female consumers, improving the menu. The dining environment has enriched the variety of wines and made the price popular. In Japan, the Izakaya is a place where people gather and chat with friends. Students, company employees or friends often hold simple banquets at the izakaya. In Japan, whether it is a large-scale chain izakaya or a small individual izakaya, it has its own characteristics in decoration and dishes. Sitting in the izakaya, calling a signature dish, and warming up a pot of Japanese sake, its not a trip. String birds have many branches in Sapporo, almost everywhere. Although it is already more than ten o'clock, the store is still very lively. The little master is busy in the field, and the diners sit around and can see them grilling, washing dishes and doing things. The spacing between the string birds is small, the distance between people is shortened, and the sounds of drinking and chatting are everywhere, and they are in the Japanese drama. I don't understand what they are talking about, but they don't feel too noisy. The wind was cold outside and the house was extremely warm. After the work, about three or five friends were drinking and eating skewers here. It was the daily life of the Japanese people. The Japanese are very relaxed here, drinking wine, chatting about the sky, full of laughter, and the quiet Japanese on the train in the subway is very different. The menu is in Japanese, with pictures and English. However, it is still a little difficult to see. Basically understand the approximate meat, and then point to the string of points. The English of the little master is not good either. We are even more connected than the ones who are drawn, and we are very happy to eat. The string of birds is very good. It was just a bit of a taste. The result is very good. It is round and round, until it is about to die. String Bird Sapporo Station Front Store Address: Japan Hokkaido
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