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As the Romans do, go to the places where Korean locals go and taste the real Korean folk cuisine: the Guangzang market! The Gwangjang market is currently the largest market in Korea. Its origins can be traced back to 1904, and it has a history of 100 years. The food here is affordable, the atmosphere is close to the people, and it is also a food stall that Koreans like! One third of the merchants in the market operate clothing, fabrics, etc. It is also the center of tailor-made hanbok in Seoul. Recommend a few must-try dishes! [] The kimbap meal here is very simple, there are not many flower-colored side dishes, just rolled up the bamboo shoots and radish, the seaweed is sprinkled with sesame seeds, and the Korean sauce is served, and the taste is crisp. . A copy of about 1,000 to 3,000 won. [Spicy fried rice cake] I believe this is the most popular Korean folk food, soft and tender, sweet and spicy. The price is about 2,000 to 4,000 won [m blood sausage] is a famous Korean snack, is the most delicate part of the pig intestine processing, and vegetables, glutinous rice, fans, pig blood, etc. into the pig intestine In the middle, it is steamed together with pig liver and pig lungs. When you eat, salt and pepper. It smells its fragrance from afar. [Mung bean cake] should be regarded as the most famous snack in the Guangzang market. There are many homes in the market. You can see the whole process of making Korean aunts with your own eyes. The price is about 4,000 won a cake. The mung bean peeled and soaked is ground into green soy milk, then added with kimchi, mung bean sprouts, vermicelli, green onion and garlic to taste, then fried with corn, both sides of the crispy, soft and soft mung bean pancakes Eat vinegar with onions. However, the amount of this cake is very large, you should not eat it. Mung bean cake with rice juice is the most suitable! Refreshing oil to 1000 won / cup. Finally, a special dish is recommended here: [Sauce crab]! ! ! Sauce crab, one of the specialties in the Gwangjang market is marinated with a special marinade of soy sauce. The taste is strong and the taste of crab meat is extremely sweet! ! "Stars" is still the favorite of thousands of ah! Speaking of the taste of this sauce crab, crystal clear crab crab meat into the mouth, salty sweet, and fermented crab sauce with the crab itself The fresh flavor of the scent, slipped into the mouth and disappeared. It is the best in the world, and the endless aftertaste, you must taste this unique Korean food! different sizes of crabs from 2000 to 5000 won Don't wait, pick any food you like anyway! Tips: After exiting at Exit 7 of Jongno 5th Street Station on Subway Line 1, you can go straight to the Guangzang Market (excluding food): 9
Posted: 27 May, 2016
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The Jungsik has recommendations on a variety of food lists, 50 Asian restaurants, and its New York branch is the first Korean food to pick Michelin. This review requires a long time to make an appointment in advance, but since it is all at the door, I dont want to try it. I didnt expect it to be the reason for Monday noon. There are still seats, and the waiter said that I am very lucky. There are 4 dishes and 5 dishes of Choice Menu at noon, which are 50,000 and 80,000 won, and 8 channels of 150,000 won of Tasting Menu. Although the dishes in this kind of restaurant are exquisite and exquisite, each dish is just around the corner, but the 8-way style is still too challenging for me, so I chose 5 Choice Menu and ordered mineral water for a total of 90,000. Won around. This dessert is very popular on the Internet. It is really beautiful.~ I really like the after-dinner refreshment. The waiter will come to choose a variety of teas, and the snacks are delicious. The interior and exterior decoration styles are basically the same. Although it is noon on the working day, it is still full of seats. This is the other people who have gone through the live broadcast and eaten, and then they are so "empty". four-story single-family building, first-floor bar, second-floor lobby, third-floor private dining room, fourth-floor office service, feels very good, the waiter's face value and etiquette are very high, very familiar with the dishes, Whether it is ordering or serving, it can give a good introduction and recommendation.
Myeongdong NANTA Theater
Coco Wang
Bukchon Hanok Village
Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village, eating and shopping is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, Jingdeokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Bukchon Hanok Village near Jongmyo. It is a 600-year-old traditional Korean residence. Area. In the Joseon era, it was the place where the royal family and the royal family lived; today it is still the most expensive area of Seoul. The most famous of the North Village is the eight scenes of the North Village, allowing you to travel through time and space for hundreds of years between the alleys and the antique blue houses. Walk along the alley to the heights of the North Village, and you can see the palace area next door, and the modern high-rise building, a little further away, Seoul Nanshan Tower. The perfect combination of modern and ancient, sometimes you will feel the unreality of some mirages. What I want to say here is actually not the eight scenes of the North Village, but the various snacks in the Beicun alley. Since Bukchon is still a residential area, there are residents who live in the real price, so most restaurants and small shops are in the outer circle of Bukchon. If you are tired, you can buy something to eat first and then go. While walking and eating, while the village was finished, the stomach was filled. It is actually quite like Beijings Nanluoguxiang, but the classical architecture is wider. Those snack bars, in addition to the traditional Korean street food, there is a more modern cafe dessert shop, there is always a taste for you. That day we spent the whole afternoon shopping in the North Village, watching and eating. In addition to eating and enjoying the traditional cooking techniques of many craftsmen, it is also satisfied with the taste and the needs of humanities. Bukchon's snacks are not completely introduced: The cake made on the spot, it is hot in the cold winter; hugely huge, crispy and tender inside the fried squid; improved addition A lot of Churro Spanish fritters, this store IQ84 Churro is very hot and long, the speed of the guys can't keep up with the speed of everyone's rush to buy; exquisite coffee shop sells Korean dessert, bean noodles with cream Vanilla ice cream. The potato is made from the soft and hot, and the bean noodles are so much better. Dig a piece of mochi and ice cream, and the taste of ice and fire is wonderful. This shop also has sesame-flavored mochi, we also tried it, but everyone agreed that the original taste of the bean noodles is better. In addition, there are squid on the street, cola cakes of various flavors, caramel sweet potatoes... Its really drooling. Friends who have time, in addition to visiting the North Village, eating snacks, you can also choose a traditional homestay to stay here, you can experience how the aristocrats lived hundreds of years ago.
First, Shilla Duty-Free provides a taxi to Shilla Duty-Free, reserved a cab the day of small-ticket purchases over $ 100 to be reimbursed, the maximum reimbursement 20,000 won to fight the fare! Although the delivery is 20,000 won gift cards, still can be used in cash Shilla Duty-Free. So it does not account for the white does not account for cheap. South Korea's car hit a small ticket and did not specify the place of departure and arrival. Only a few kilometres and time, we can boldly taxi at the airport to the hotel, the luggage in place. They are holding a small metro ticket to sit Shilla Duty-Free Shop reimbursement. Second, after the arrival to the membership desk, phone scan two-dimensional code registered members can get the Silver members. They stand to enjoy shopping for discounts from 9 to 9.5%, but this offer can be used with overlay and other activities. The first discount and then arrived in volume — Shilla Duty-Free Shop everything from cosmetics to watches, from jewelry to luxury goods. Speciality foods from South Korea to a variety of toys, of course, may still be the most popular South Korean cosmetics. There is more than popular snow show, after Innisfree. Their niche brand is particularly noteworthy. Third, won 5000-150000 receive coupons at the reception. After the purchase of a certain amount of direct cash register full cut. Except for some luxury brands, no other restrictions. The use of CUP card or Alipay shopping, as well as gift purchase, purchase of $ 300/500 / 1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000 or more that is presented in the shop with 4/8/18/28/38 ten thousand.  Won gift cards and store Incheon Airport with 20,000 won shopping card. Buy $ 3,000 / 5,000 or more that are presented in the shop with a 56/56 ten thousand won gift cards and store Incheon Airport with 40,000 won gift cards. Shilla Duty-Free attributed to South Korea's most affluent. Samsung Group, Seoul head office is located near the Metro Line 3 Dongguk University Station. With the complete cosmetics, perfume brands, and luxury brands, if you want to buy MCM, Lu Xinyuan, small Ma package (la palette) and other Korean brand bags. They must be, after tax-free, the price can be up to 50% cheaper than domestic. Especially at the end of the season do not miss the discount. Discount merchants accumulate a year of efforts in enjoying the release of this time. All kinds of concessions after another, then I taught you how to get permits.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
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