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Many people will say that children's photos should be photographed like adults. Children should take a lively and lovely face. This is what children should look like. And I want to say that this is just the way children in traditional consciousness. Children dont laugh in 24 hours, and they dont play toys 24 hours a day. They also have feelings and pressure, they will play cool, they will be proud. ...the inner world is bigger than you think, and disagrees with the phrase "what age should be like" because everyone is unique. Some people in elementary school may be a naive baby who laughs and laughs with his friends. When someone is in elementary school, it is a cool boy. I remember when I was in elementary school, I was called "Pig King" at the beginning, and I was later called "Cold Blood Girl" Haha! The world is so rich and diverse, only unexpected. [Funny shooting process] finally started shooting. It turns out that I am so hearted, I just need to chat and play like his friends, understand his preferences, and guide him properly, he can do it himself. The most natural expression of the action, and sometimes when he does not pay attention to capture. Even more relaxed than taking pictures of adults. Even he still has his own idea. The words and deeds tell me that "cool boy wants to be like this!" I said, "You must be a sister at school!" SCHAWLOW Xiaoluo On the 1st floor of 1003, 1B cool industrial wind coffee shop, the door along the street is very small, there is no hole in the sky. Especially like to enter the door along the green pebbles into a circular automatic door through time and space, super sense!
Pullman on the 2nd floor of Pullman, corner #.# Simple atmosphere, designed with solid wood elements, the entrance is solid wood louver, the lines are clear and clear, and the wood creates natural elegance. Traditional Japanese style, 3 small private rooms are particularly eye-catching, and the sunken tatami seating design makes the Japanese minimalism both traditional and modern. The overall dining environment is elegant and exquisite. [Fresh live green lobster sashimi] The selection of materials is really very elegant. The whole fresh green lobsters that are selected in Southeast Asia and arrived on the same day have a weight of about 7 or so. The processed lobster sashimi is crystal clear, the texture of the body is clearly visible, and the meat is refreshing. [Teppanyaki ginger abalone] After the sizzling taste buds [Teppanyaki Snowflake Eye Steak], using M7 Australian beef, the meat is soft and juicy, and the sauce is also extremely elegant. The use of Yunnan's finest pine mushrooms is specially made into pine mushroom sauce, which is the best choice for color and flavor. [Lobster assorted rice] The fresh lobster head of the squid is made into a rice bowl, and the savory taste is blended into the soup. It is delicious. A warm bowl in the winter is very suitable ~ ending with a selection of desserts and seasonal fruits, it is not a matter of course, the dessert is matcha mousse, carefully placed in a small dish for guests Add appropriate amount according to their different tastes, matcha is slightly bitter, and the taste is delicate, so as to end the perfect meal of happiness. Winter warm sun, this situation, a meal will be enough. #Winter happiness food
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